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North East Scotland College Students’ Association chooses MSL's membership management platform

Tue 06 Oct 2015

North East Scotland College Students’ Association has chosen to utilise MSL’s membership management platform to support their students, elections and clubs and societies activity.

MSL's last of the summer news round-up for student organisations....

Mon 21 Sep 2015

MSL clubs and societies management tools for student organisations

Wishing everyone a successful Freshers' Week!

We know Freshers' is keeping everyone busy but we also know how keen you are to stay up to date with our news and developments so we've squeezed in this short but sweet late summer newsletter for you to enjoy before the new year starts.

Students’ Unions choose to provide welfare support services with MSL Student Case Manager

Thu 13 Aug 2015

Student advisor using MSL Student Case Manager

The new Student Case Manager module from Membership Solutions Ltd (MSL) is proving popular with students’ unions who run advice centres to support their student members. The new facility – developed with case management experts, Iizuka Software – is designed specifically to manage the diverse welfare issues faced by many students in tertiary education and to streamline the workload of their advisors.