Transforming Student Engagement: We Check Back in With Glasgow SRC

In a dynamic era of digital transformation within educational institutions, the University of Glasgow Student Representative Council (SRC) embarked on an ambitious journey to revolutionise student engagement by using the capabilities of MSL's digital engagement platform. In a recent conversation with Jamie, he shed light on Glasgow SRC's experiences, successes, aspirations, and unveiled a captivating narrative of innovation and community building.

Watch how they brought it all together under one digital roof...

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Navigating Transition: Club Integration and Adoption

Glasgow SRC's quest to integrate all clubs into their membership system encountered hurdles. Recognising this, they adopted a phased approach, ensuring inclusivity. They introduced an offline membership option, bridging the gap for clubs facing transition difficulties, resulting in over 12,500 registered club memberships and an engagement of approximately 18,500 club members.

Jamie emphasised the challenges inherent in shifting mindsets towards embracing digital platforms. The organisation's focus on user-friendly experiences and personalisation emerged as a strategy to encourage app adoption. The rebranding of the StudentLink+ app as "my SRC" aimed at delivering personalised content tailored to individual interests, including events, clubs, tickets, and volunteering opportunities.

We really want to push personalisation as the reason for using it. It's about 'my SRC,' where students engage with personalised events, clubs, tickets, and volunteering - their own little personal news feed. - Jamie Small, Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Strategies for Enhanced Engagement: Incentivisation and Personalisation

Glasgow SRC's approach to incentivising clubs for driving memberships through the app highlighted their commitment to fostering engagement. By game-ifying involvement and utilising MSL's attributes function for badges and recognitions, they looked to amplify app usage and student participation.

Moreover, Jamie shared insights into Glasgow SRC's plans for further personalisation through the app. The aim is to create a unique space for students where they can engage with tailored content, fostering a sense of belonging and interest in the SRC's initiatives.


Innovative Utilisation of MSL's Features: Versatility in Implementation

The discussion veered towards Glasgow SRC's innovative use of MSL's platform beyond conventional functionalities. For instance, they leveraged MSL's news admin feature to facilitate their unique flat share services, providing a platform for students to look for or offer accommodation. This versatile use of technology underscored the organisation's adaptability and creativity in using the digital tools available to them.

We've used MSL features creatively. For instance, we've maintained the flat share service by using the news admin feature, adapting it to our unique needs. - Jamie Small, Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Triumphs and Future Aspirations: Charting the Path Ahead

Reflecting on their achievements, Glasgow SRC celebrated a remarkable rise in website hits and increased engagement in volunteering, clubs, and societies. Their dedication to enhancing the user experience was further confirmed by a commendable score of 75% in a university-conducted digital audit, underscoring the platform's accessibility and information richness.

We've set high benchmarks for ourselves, aiming to increase club memberships, event listings, and recognition for volunteer work. It's about fostering a vibrant student community. - Jamie Small, Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Looking ahead, Glasgow SRC aims to amplify app adoption, augment club memberships, and encourage active participation in volunteering and events. Their vision includes enhancing student recognition for their efforts and fostering a culture of acknowledgment within the university community.

Glasgow SRC's journey epitomises the transformative potential of MSL's digital engagement platform in redefining student engagement processes. By navigating challenges, embracing innovation, and prioritising personalisation, they have cultivated a thriving community and set ambitious yet achievable goals for the future.

Their collaborative approach and commitment to evolving with technology stand as a testament to the pivotal role of tailored digital solutions in nurturing vibrant and inclusive student communities.

Looking ahead, we're focused on elevating the user experience, club engagements, and volunteer recognition. We aim to ensure no effort goes unrecognised.- Jamie Small, Marketing & Communications Coordinator

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