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It's easy to sell memberships, tickets, products and branded goods to students and staff both online and face to face through MSL's Point Of Sale and online shop.  

We've included a Web Till so your point of sale can be anywhere you need it to be around college. We have integrations with the most popular payment gateways - Elavon, Stripe and Paypal - for secure express check out. You'll benefit from low per basket transaction costs, no matter the total value or items sold as we understand that commercial activities support the really important services your organisation provides 

We also integrate with popular financial software including Sage, Pegasus and SAP so there's no need to reinvent your financial processes.

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Tickets & Merchandise

Sell tickets and merchandise for the college or for any staff or student group you support. In fact, student clubs and societies can manage and sell their own merchandise to reduce the admin burden on college staff.

  • Sell paperless tickets, e-tickets (and traditional paper tickets) easily online, at reception or other outlets
  • Make wrist bands, season tickets and merchandise available before your ents programme starts
  • In-depth sales reporting helps you keep track of sales across the website, college outlets and for each student group too

As well as express check-out facilities, we can also enable payment card 'tokens' to securely save your users' card details and speed up future transactions. Once they have made a purchase, their purchase history is automatically updated and you can keep an eye on stock, manage delivery details and collection points.


Create an attractive online display of related products for all your shops. Give your student group admins the permissions to upload and manage their own product catalogues, giving them new skills and reducing the admin load on your staff.


Every item sold can include mandatory options and customisations. So if you're selling an event ticket, you may also need to think about seating preferences, dietary requirements and sales restrictions e.g. grad ball tickets are only for graduates and not for first years. Hoodies come in different sizes, colours and might have personalisation options. All are easily managed by the online shop before the user can complete their transaction.

Memberships & Requirements

Sell Memberships

Sell memberships for clubs, societies and student groups with the minimum of admin and no paperwork.

Even free of charge memberships can be ‘sold’ and all tracked through your sales reporting.

Membership Requirements

When you need to restrict memberships to a club or college group, requirements make the process simple e.g the football club needs members to have the college sports club membership before they can join.

If student doesn't have that membership they'll be prompted to buy it first, all managed in one easy transaction.

Sales Reporting

Your finance team will love the comprehensive reporting and analysis that comes with MSL's ecommerce and point of sale facilities.

Reports are available whenever you need them from your own reporting area, covering:

  • Shops
  • Products
  • Groups
  • Events
  • Ticket types
  • Purchaser types
  • Finance codes
  • Outlet and web tills

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