Digital student engagement for further education

Find out about the MSL System and our digital student engagement solutions for further education which include websites, student voice & democracy tools, clubs, societies, events & activities management resources, ecommerce, secure advice & advocacy system and volunteering, skills and employability hubs.

MSL understands that helping students to participate in college life, find their own community outside of classes and achieve their goals are probably the most important things you do. 

You probably do that in lots of different ways and no doubt digital engagement is a priority. 

Here at MSL that's all that we do. We think about the most effective, efficient and creative ways you can engage and support your students digitally and then we make it happen.  

We've been the trusted provider of digital student engagement solutions since 2005 and we now support 128 students' organisations and education providers in the UK, Ireland, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and UAE who all achieve amazing things for their students with the MSL System.

MSL has not only provided an excellent tool to enable elections to be run securely and effectively but has also provided an ideal platform for developing student engagement which has given us lots of ideas for the academic year ahead.- North East Scotland College Students' Association

Read the NESCol Students' Association case study

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