Digital engagement for international higher education organisations

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MSL understands that helping students to find their community and participate in university life, alongside their academic studies, is essential for international students' organisations and institutions to support retention.

Digital engagement addresses the challenge of bringing together students across different campuses and countries to share their experiences and take part in new ones, developing their skills along the way.

Here at MSL that's all that we do. We think about the most effective, efficient and creative ways you can digitally engage and support your students and then we make it happen.  

MSL has been the trusted provider of digital student engagement solutions since 2005 and we now support 128 students' organisations and education providers in the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and UAE who all achieve amazing things for their students with the MSL System.

We were immediately impressed by the functionality of MSL websites and how everything is set up to maximize student engagement and amplify their voices. Being able to have conversations with a company that understands student unions is so important and helps improve the vision and capability of the website. - Nipissing University Student Union

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