Support your students by promoting volunteering opportunities and awards to boost their future employability

Volunteering & Employability

Support your students by promoting volunteering opportunities and awards to boost their future employability

Give students easy access to new opportunities, simplify the application process and reward participation. Read how KeeleSU Volunteering have nearly doubled their volunteers with MSL's help.

  • Registration & profileVolunteers create their own profile which grows as their activities progress, showing the hours logged, awards received, skills attained and training attended
  • Activity logging Activities are logged by hour and can include community volunteering, committee membership, course rep, work experience and internships
  • Skills record Volunteers can download a record of specific roles, activities or skill types. They can choose to display a skills review on their profile to demonstrate their progress
  • Awards Awards can be based on number of hours logged and also linked to criteria such as skill categories, training courses attended, qualifications and reviews of the volunteer
  • Training Training courses can be tagged with a title, provider, description and skills. The volunteer's attendance can be verified and will be logged towards relevant awards and show on their profile
  • Opportunity providers Providers can be given access to post their own opportunities and any required policy/insurance documents to be approved prior to publishing

"We have found that MSL Volunteering provides much more than admin management – it helps us to fully support our students and manage volunteering opportunities from start to finish."

Sarah Amphlett, KeeleSU Volunteering Manager

  • Volunteer messaging The Volunteering module includes its own message centre to enable rapid messaging to volunteers, with filtering options to ensure relevant information is sent
  • Personalised content Volunteers will only be presented with opportunities that match the criteria they have set in their profiles
  • Notifications & approval For online applications to opportunities, providers are notified and given the option to accept or decline which notifies the volunteer and updates their profile
  • Track work experience The Volunteering module can be set up to allow paid work to be logged on the volunteer profile, enhancing their skill sets and demonstrating their progress
  • Expanding HEARExpand the reach of HEAR with volunteering, training and skills records.
  • Downloadable records Volunteers can download their skills and progress records and print off award certificates to validate their achievements