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How to improve your campus event planning

Join us as we explore how the MSL platform can take your campus event planning to the next level.

How to improve your campus event planning with MSL

While virtual meetings maintain an important purpose, nothing beats the engagement and sense of involvement that on-campus events bring. From meeting people with similar interests, to making connections that help students get the most out of their experience, on-campus events are invaluable for students. Join us as we explore how to ensure your campus events are successful and how the MSL platform can take your campus event planning to the next level.

The anatomy of a successful event

Successful campus events don't just happen by chance. As you're likely aware, meticulous planning and dedicated time are essential for a smooth execution. Take for example, Heriot-Watt’s Student Union, where utilising the MSL system empowered them to increase Freshers Fair participation. By running the event within the digital MSL system, they took control of their campus event planning, managed time efficiently, and achieved their best turnout yet. So, how exactly can you also achieve success with the MSL platform?

5 ways the MSL platform can improve your campus event planning

1. Calendar feature

Our intuitive calendar feature makes it quick and easy for you and your team to streamline event scheduling.

From effortlessly coordinating dates and times, to ensuring everyone involved is up to date with the latest information, this digital calendar will help align and structure your campus event planning making a real difference to your student events.

2. Events integration

A great way to increase the number of students attending your event is by making it easy for them to redeem tickets. Our innovative system seamlessly integrates various useful event elements, from wristbands to ticket scanning - elevating the event experience for both attendees and organisers, with efficient solutions that put all your planning to good use.

3. Centralised security monitoring

We understand that student safety is a top priority during your campus event planning, which is why the MSL platform provides a centralised platform for event monitoring. This will help you easily oversee and manage all aspects of your events from a single point, enhancing security measures and ensuring a secure environment for everyone involved.

4. Capacity monitoring

One of the biggest challenges event planners need to manage is logistics, and if you’ve failed to do the correct campus event planning this can happen all too quickly. The MSL platform combats this issue, with multiple door entry points and a capacity monitoring tool that allows you to easily track attendance and maintain a controlled environment, because every student deserves to enjoy a safe and positive experience when attending a campus event. 

5. E-commerce and ticket sales management

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, students love simple and accessible, which is why our platform provides a comprehensive e-commerce and ticket sales management tool that not only simplifies the ticketing process, but also boosts revenue.

Show your students that you’ve thought about everything, from their safety to managing their tickets, by providing a hassle-free experience for attendees and ensuring the event is a financial success, to ensure more student events in the future.

If you want to encourage less separation and more participation when it comes to your student events, talk to us today and improve your campus event planning to engage your students.


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