Secure digital management of club and society finances

Student Group Finances

Secure digital management of club and society finances

MSL Student Group Finances delivers a modern professional finance management service for your clubs and societies. Support and empower both staff and committees with digital forms and workflow for income, expenditure and transfer requests, combined with up-to-date account balances direct from your finance system. 

  • digital formsDigitise income, expenditure and transfer forms, including purchase requisitions, cash requests and sales invoices, for simple, error-free submission.
  • workflowConfigure workflows and notifications per request type to ensure smooth processing of requests.
  • secureAssign individual permission for accessing, raising and approving requests so the right users can access the right information.
  • audit trailA full audit trail of actions is provided for each request detailing date, time, activity and requester.
  • finance integrationIntegrate with your financial management system utilising a data feed to read in up-to-date balances, or run the module from a starting balance and a one-off import.
  • configurationLabels, terminology, notifications, statuses and request types can all be configured to match your processes.

Submitting a cash payment request

  1. Money Request screen1. A society member raises a reimbursement request, they have a choice of payee (self, third party) and payment method (e.g. cash, BACS, credit card), a choice of accounts is prefilled from the finance system, and receipts can be uploaded as evidence. The request can optionally be linked to one of the society's events.
  2. A created request2. The request can be saved as a draft, edited further, or submitted.
  3. Adding additional line items3. Any number of additional line items can be added to the request, each linked to a distinct account.
  4. Submitting the request4. Upon submission the requester can choose to notify a specific approver, or opt to notify all potential approvers. It's possible to configure multiple approval stages (for example Committee level, Staff level)
  5. Pending requests5. The status of a request can be viewed at any time via the club or society accounts dashboard...
  6. Search requests6. ...or by searching the requests
  7. Approval7. The approver can view all request details including a full audit history. A request may be approved, rejected, or referred back to the requestor
  8. Referral8. When referred the approver adds notes to explain why they are unable to approve the request
  9. Referral9. These notes are included in the notification email, and also appear when the request is viewed as a notification at the top of the page and in the audit history
  10. Referral10. Finally, once the request has been approved the final step is to mark it as paid (once the student has been paid of course!)