A secure, robust and flexible voting system suitable for all elections and referenda


A secure, robust and flexible voting system suitable for all elections and referenda


Run online elections and referenda for any organisation in your site from organisation-wide elections to course reps, union councils or individual club or society committees. 

  • NominationsEnsure fairness with candidate manifesto submission deadlines and publishing managed by the elections' administrators.
  • Online ballot papers Candidate order can be randomised to avoid perceived bias. Information on each post and manifesto is available directly from the ballot paper and help is available at every stage of the voting process.
  • Online votingThe polling process takes place through the website enabling members to cast their vote from any web-enabled device. MSL Elections validates voter ID and ensures multiple votes cannot be cast.
  • Real-time dashboards Elections Administrator can customise live voting dashboards for the website to display any combination of current stats, maintaining voter engagement and encouraging non-voter participation.
  • Touchscreen polling boothPromote elections and provide your students with a quick and convenient method of voting at key locations around the campus.
  • The count The counting procedure conforms to the rule set in the Electoral Reform Society’s document "How to conduct an election by the Single Transferable Vote" (2016 edition) and deals with multiple RON candidates, adding/withdrawing candidates and transferring surplus.

"The candidates loved the real-time voting stats, which came in very useful when planning and targeting their campaigns each day, and no doubt helped boost the overall voter turnout"

Gregor Mailer, Graphic Designer & Marketing Co-ordinator, Robert Gordon University

  • Self-definitionFor roles requiring self-definition, candidates can nominate themselves and update their profile and manifesto. The Elections Administrators can approve and disqualify candidates at any point. Read more on the NUS policy on Fair Representation.
  • Voting systemsMSL Elections can accommodate different voting systems including First Past The Post and Scottish Single Transferable Vote.
  • Referenda The set up, referendum period and polling is set up by the Elections Administrator as for elections and, for each referendum motion, arguments for and against are put forward with proposers able to edit their case via the website.