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WEB TOUR: MSL Volunteering & Employability - transform your Volunteering & Skills programme

Wed 11 August 2021 12:00-12:30, Web briefing

With a great example from University of Plymouth Students' Union, this live web tour of MSL Volunteering & Employability showed how easy it is for:  

  • Volunteers to create their own profile which grows as they participate in activities, log hours, gain skills, attend training and achieve awards
  • Providers to manage their own opportunities and volunteer applications, reducing your team's admin tasks
  • Your team to run multiple award schemes for different activities, skills and hours logged and provide downloadable award certificates for volunteers to add to their profile

See why over 50 students' organisations in the UK, Ireland and Australia use MSL Volunteering & Employability to support their volunteers and providers, run engaging award programmes and encourage extracurricular activities to enhance student employability.

Warwick Volunteers (VW) is delighted to be joining MSL after the University of Warwick Business Analysts reviewed the case for change and put their weight behind the move.  Having taken account of the sector offering, the WV team became increasingly confident that functionality built into the MSL System and the agile nature of MSL in the way it meets its clients’ needs are going to mark a step change for WV in the way it meets both student and community partner needs.”  Paul Barlow – WV Manager

Watch the tour recording:


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