Digital engagement and participation

Three students working together on a project

Your core MSL System comes with everything you need to engage with your student members, encourage participation and manage all the activities and initiatives that your students enjoy. 

Build rich participation data every time your students engage with your services and activities and enable targeted, relevant content on your students' favourite devices.

Make business decisions and develop new participation strategies using the 150+ real-time reports available as standard in your self-service reports area.


Keep content fresh and your students coming back with our eye-catching web designs, intuitive navigation and flexible page templates. Personalisation, accessibility (WCAG 2.0 standards) and mobile responsiveness ensure everyone can use your site and find the information they need.


Design & Content

Beautiful bespoke designs or modern eye-catching templates - the choice is yours and our talented in-house design team can create your site for you or work with your own designs.

Your non-technical staff can easily create and manage their own content across your main website - as well as events and ticket microsites, dedicated online shops, venues and student hub sites - using our intuitive WYSIWYG editor.

Go Mobile with StudentLink

Image from the StudentLink app showing the app shop and items for sale in appKeep your students connected with all the great stuff you offer on your own StudentLink app. It's not just a mobile version of the website; it's your shop in their pocket, democracy at their fingertips, a ticket to a big night out, their own clubs and societies news in one place and ID for when they've lost their university card.

  • Vote in elections
  • Join clubs and societies
  • See up-to-date content based on their memberships, activities and interests
  • Buy products and see their app purchase history
  • Buy tickets for events
  • Share content and interactions with their social profiles

**Watch the WEB TOUR - great engagement for students on the move with StudentLink+.** 

Managing your app content is made easy as it uses the same Content Management System and admin areas as your website - so there's no duplication, no risk of out of date news and no issues around stock control for shop items.



We've built in lots of interactive ways for you to stay in touch with your students, encourage feedback and demonstrate the positive impact you make.

Email & SMS

Create and send beautiful branded emails direct from your MSL Message Centre. Devise your own templates or create new designs as you need them.

Ensure students always receive relevant and timely information based on their interests, club memberships, purchases and where they are on their student journey using powerful segmentation.

Let your student groups committees message their members directly using your email templates to keep branding looking its best.

The MSL Message Centre has helped us establish a fortnightly comms programme which we send out by email to members to let them know what we are working on. The segmentation we can do now through the MSL System is key for this communication and we can now demonstrate both the Union’s impact and the value of our students’ feedback and suggestions on the student experience.- Harper Adams Students' Union
Read the Harper Adams Students' Union case study


Mailchimp & DotDigital

If you're already using Mailchimp or DotDigital then we offer integration with your student data into either of those platforms so there's no need to move data from one place to another.

Surveys, polls & idea lists

An idea list showing student suggestions and votes up and down

Encourage students to get involved with informal decision making, campaign promotion and planning activities using surveys, polls and idea lists.

Student Groups

Give your student groups access to unrivalled resources to support their own member engagement activities. Start with the tools to manage their content and activities, add in messaging, an online shop, events and tickets and your committees have all the resources to run their own business, encourage participation and build skills too.

Activities Management

An activities dashboard showing tasks still to do and those completed

We know clubs and societies will need some support so Activities Management is included in your core MSL System.

Give them all the resources they need to run well-organised events and activities for their members online, on campus and further afield - without the papertrail and visits to your admin offices:

  • Event checklists
  • Attendee registers
  • Resource requests
  • Team creation
  • Transport and fixture details

Activities and Organisation dashboards are included too so you and your committees can keep a track of everything needed to complete for an event and then celebrate their achievements.

MSL Student Group Finances & MSL Grant Applications

Infographic showing the stages of using Student Group Finances to support student clubs, societies and groups manage their expenses

These optional modules provide online resources which your committees will love and your activities team will rely on for stats.

Student Group Finances

Student Group Finances saves your finance and activities teams time and paper!

Ensure the smooth processing of all money requests without the paper trail with digital forms and workflow for income and expenditure requests.

Up-to-date account balances direct from your finance system complete the process.

Digital allowing students or committee members to submit expense claims for their group's acivities
Grant Applications

Grant Applications help your student groups achieve more with online access to everything they need to request funds to support their activities.

Configurable workflow guides committees through your online applications without the need for paper forms and a trip to the activities office.


An online event calendar filtered by society activities

Make it as easy as possible to encourage students to participate and feel part of your community.

Your MSL System includes event calendars to display anywhere on your website, event templates (for those regular club nights) and reports on every aspect of event activity from tickets sales to attendance.

If you want to open up events to non-members you can easily sell tickets to guests and the general public through your website shop, physical box office and other outlets on campus.

We were able to monitor everything from our end and had well over 2000 people on the website, processing payments and all able to view our Summer Ball event details without issue. Thanks for the amazing support!- University of Plymouth Students' Union
native events

A free, optional plug-in for MSL clients provides a range of additional native features including digital wristbands, ticket scanning and features to build a following. Used either in conjunction with MSL’s popular events tools or as the sole events platform, the native partnership gives MSL clients more choice and flexibility to promote and deliver great events.

**Watch the Big Day Out with native: Delivering diverse and engaging events for a new era of students.**

Door Entry & Venues Management

Support the smooth running of all your events held at dedicated venues with this optional set of resources:

  • Safely improve door entry speed
  • Accurately monitor capacity across multiple venues, entry and exit points
  • Allow quick access by scanned ticket, e-ticket and university card
  • Create guest lists (and banned lists); manage meal choices and seating
  • Generate quick and accurate PPL calculations
  • Deliver detailed event reports to those who need them as soon as the doors close


Animation showing a visitor checking into a room or venue to track attendance

MSL Attendance makes it easy to maintain records of students, staff and visitors to your meeting rooms, event venues and conferences where a ticket isn't required for entry.

It is a component of MSL Door Entry & Venues Management but if you don't have venues then Attendance can be used as a separate facility.

With options for attended or unattended use, Attendance monitors entrances and exits using visitor ID cards or manually entered contact details.


Selling memberships, tickets, merchandise and student group stash is easy with your online shop and physical points of sale facilities - and you benefit from low per basket transaction costs, minimal set up and express check-out facilities.

Shops include stock control, delivery information, product customisation, purchase history and comprehensive reporting on every aspect of your commercial operations.

The MSL System also integrates with popular financial software including Sage, Pegasus and SAP helping to make life easier for your finance team.


Bring great offers and relevant information to your website users by creating and managing space for advertiser content.

  • Define ad space on your page templates
  • Add a directory of local businesses or graduate recruiters
  • Offer 'premium' spots for commercial partners.



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