Student Volunteering Network - Communities of Interest

Three students sitting around a table working together on a project

10am - 11:30am

Thursday 25 May 2023

Teams meeting

The Student Volunteering Network - MSL Volunteering Community of Interest continues, building on the last few sessions where participants shared experiences, ideas, and solutions, as well as feeding back collectively to MSL representatives.

This 'how to' session is open to all SVN members who use MSL Volunteering & Employability, as well as those who are interested in seeing how it could benefit their volunteering and skills teams. Attendees will choose the topic tables on the day.

🤝Join the Teams session on the 25th May here🤝

The SVN Engagement Team encourages anyone interested in student volunteering to register for the SVN National List if they haven't already. Your teams already using MSL Volunteering & Employability will find another helpful Top Tips digest. You can also learn about how the University of Plymouth Students' Union capitalized on MSL's support to launch its Volunteering & Recognition Showcase.

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