Student Volunteering Network - Communities of Interest

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10:30am - noon

Thursday 08 September 2022

Teams meeting

The Student Volunteering Network - MSL Volunteering Community of Interest continues, building on the last two sessions where participants shared experiences, ideas and solutions, as well as feeding back collectively to MSL representatives.

*Click here for the SVN Teams session link* - JOIN THE FESTIVE SESSION HERE! 15th December 10.30-12.00 (GMT)

We'll be joining the SVN engagement group again for this 'how to' session which is open to all SVN members who use MSL Volunteering & Employability and for those who are just curious to see how it could support their volunteering and skills teams. Topic tables will be decided on the day by attendees.


The SVN Engagement Team invites anyone who is not already an SVN member and who has an interest in student volunteering to sign up to the SVN National List.

Another great Top Tips digest for your teams already using MSL Volunteering & Employability.

See how the University of Plymouth Students' Union launched its Volunteering & Recognition Showcase with MSL's support.

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