MSL's Big Day Out: Under One Roof – Building A Digital Home with Glasgow University SRC

Glasgow University Students' Representative Council logo in blue with white text

2pm - 3:30pm

Tuesday 14 June 2022

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As part of the summer series of MSL Big Days Out, we were pleased to welcome Glasgow University Students' Representative Council who took us through their digital journey to create a new digital home for their students, clubs, societies and volunteers. 

Jamie Small, Marketing & Communications Coordinator at Glasgow SRC, explains: 

For over 10 years, our online home had been a Wordpress site. Although it had good bones, it was getting cluttered, out of date, and was in need of some TLC. We needed to move on, so we reviewed our options and got in touch with MSL.

Over the past year we have worked together with them to build a new digital home, bringing our key services of clubs and societies support, volunteering, advice and more under one roof.

This session will cover our first year on our new MSL site, documenting our journey from:

  • Where we were and the drivers for change
  • What we’re working on now, including the ways in which we’ve approached clubs and societies training and support and streamlining affiliation processes
  • What’s coming next, including our future plans around further support for clubs, use of the StudentLink App, setting up a gamified Badge system, and more.

Watch the recording below!


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