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Fri 03 Feb 2012

Elections - a tip for targeting non-voters

I'm sure some of you are already neck-deep in officer elections (and those that aren't soon will...
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Wed 26 Oct 2011

WYSIWYG editor upgrade

We’re excited to give you some more details about the new WYSIWYG editor, which will be released in the...
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Wed 19 Oct 2011

Member Lists and Admin Lists

Let's say you want to display a list of exec on a club/society page, you could use an...
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Fri 29 Jul 2011

News Widget Showcase

By far the most commonly used widget in the system is the News widget and with good reason, it's...
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Thu 14 Jul 2011

Have your website in any colour, as long as it is black

With rebrands, refreshes (and a few new signups) plenty of MSL Clients are working on website redesigns over the Summer...
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Fri 27 May 2011


In our Memberships Admin training on Wednesday the area that took up the most time was requirements. I tried to...
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Mon 23 May 2011

Sniffing Memberships

As mentioned in the previous post, to achieve more sophisticated effects based on memberships you can use a Memberships widget...
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Creating personalised user navigation

There are a number of ways you can present a user with personalised content: members-only news and events are...
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Wed 09 Mar 2011

Loyalty through Birthdays

Dan's last post about personalisation reminded me that the system says Happy Birthday in the account panel on the...
Mon 28 Feb 2011

Adding a Personal Touch

A quick one for a Monday morning – you’ve probably all noticed that the ‘Account’ box (or ‘User Control Panel...
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Thu 24 Feb 2011

20 Ways to improve voter turnout

1. Look at last year’s voter demographics report. Analyse last year’s voters by mode of study, year of...
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Thu 17 Feb 2011

The Elections Checklist

Just a quick one, as part of the Support Documentation updates we've written some (slightly more comprehensive) documentation on...
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Thu 03 Feb 2011

Freshers Comparison 2009 2010

So how are our clients doing with our system then? The following figures compare some key performance indicators for our...
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Fri 21 Jan 2011

Cutting corners with newslist images

This tutorial will show you how you can use CSS to style the shape of images in a newslist. To...
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Tue 11 Jan 2011

Comparing Organisation Demographics

Well that's a sexy title - but if you want to know whether you have more Postgrads in your Rugby...
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Mon 13 Dec 2010

Site update

Regular visitors to the site will probably have noticed we've been sprucing the old girl up over the past...
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