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BLOG: Speeding up access to your events with one simple change

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Large group of your people cartoon9th October 2019 - Everyone is getting into the swing of the new year and we guess all those shy freshers have thrown away their inhibitions and are queuing up for every event and club night going. To help you manage the logistics of large numbers of 18 to 25 year olds turning up en masse to your venues, we’ve made a change to MSL Door Entry & Venues which reduces the time it takes to redeem tickets on the door. On the surface, it’s a simple but highly effective change – remove one button click per entry and we estimate you save 25 minutes on a 1,500 attendee event – but it’s made possible with some clever changes in the background that  refine how the system keeps track of ticket redemption.

We’ve made this change optional so if you’re running a smaller event and want to take some extra time per attendee, you can still do that.

In addition, should you want to make use of photo door entry to record photos of attendees as they enter your venue, we’ve added a quick way to select from available cameras on the main setup screen.

So this latest development brings you:        

  • Quicker entry to your events
  • Simplified ticket redemption process for your staff
  • Optional process for each event
  • Option to easily customise the camera being used

We’d love your feedback on how this development works for you – and we love stats and stories too so if you’re happy to share some from your next big event, or have questions, then please contact us.

Read the previous post on simplifying permissions for your team members to do the work they need to.

Keep up to date with everything that is happening in our developent world by checking the Development pages - not a member of the MSL Community yet? Join us to access more content like our Development pages and Knowledge Base.


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