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MSL's top tips: Six features to help you manage your Student Groups

Need ideas to help manage your Student Groups? Look no further.

MSL Student Groups Top Tips

MSL Student Groups Top Tips

1) Add your committee members into their roles directly from the election count.

When publishing election count results via the new web-based results screen, there is now an option to populate elected candidates into their role from the count. You can specify the membership period, including the start date.

2) Give your members the option to "show interest" in your Student Groups before committing to a membership.

Create a new type of membership group - "Interest List". This type can belong to Student Groups and can have messages sent to it, but does not count for membership of the organisation preventing issues around purchasing memberships.

3) Ask MSL to enable Activities Management and the Organisation Dashboard on your MSL System.

This fully integrated suite of resources for student groups includes checklists, attendee registers, resource request forms, team creation, tools for organising off-site trips. Activities and Organisation dashboards give a view of a group's current activities and useful information including member targets, charity contributions, drivers and first aiders.

4) Create your new Student Groups with a single click.

Use our "Create Organisation from Template" tool to create your new Student Groups in a single click, including memberships, committee roles, mailing lists and web page. Create a template group per type of group (e.g. Sports Club, Society and Campaign Group) to save even more time in the future!

5) Extend your current memberships to a new expiry date.

You can now extend the membership period of all the current memberships in a group, or alternatively, extend only memberships expiring on a specific date. Handy if you're giving your 2020-21 members some extra time on their memberships free of charge. Remember you can still create multi-year memberships if your members should be able to join a student group for more than 1 year at a time!

6) Automatically email new members using welcome messages.

Welcome messages are automatically emailed to someone when they join a group and are set up per group so you can make sure your new members aren't waiting for long to find out more about their membership.

Thank you!

We hope you've found some of these tips useful - please share your own tips with us, or get in touch by emailing for help using any of these features.

If there is a particular theme or topic you'd like us to cover, please send us your suggestions and we'll bear them in mind when planning our next post.


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