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MSL's top tips: Six ways to make it easier for your members to buy from you

Ahead of a hopeful return to more normal campus life, here are six ways you could improve your purchase process for your members - for both face-to-face and online sales to make buying from you a little easier.

MSL Ecommerce Top Tips

Ahead of a hopeful return to more normal campus life, here are six ways you could improve your purchase process for your members - for both face-to-face and online sales to make buying from you a little easier.

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1) Get ready for a return to face-to-face sales by setting up your Web Till.

Our new Web Till allows operators to carry out sales transactions and collections using any modern browser on any device (making your tills more mobile). It can be linked to a "Quick Add" product catalogue to save your staff time searching for your most popular tickets, memberships, and merchandise, and reduce your members' time queuing during Welcome Week! You'll find a quick video tour and instructions about how to set up your Web Till on our "Selling through Web Till" support page.

2) Did you know your website can be linked to multiple payment gateways?

Give your members more choice at the checkout – we can link your website to Stripe (giving your members the option to pay by Apple Pay and Google Pay as well as by card), PayPal, and/or Opayo (Sage Pay) payment gateways. All are PCI compliant. Please email if you are interested in setting up an additional payment gateway.

3) Update your email receipt to use the new HTML markup tokens.

Send better-formatted email receipts to your members by updating the tokens used in your system emails to the tokens containing HTML markup e.g. {itemdetails_markup} rather than {itemdetails}. For more information about updating your receipt message template, check out our "Receipts" support page

4) Set up your collection points.

Collection points can be added per product, and the system tracks whether the items have been collected. If multiple collection points are offered for a product, your members can pick their preferred collection point which will appear on the collections and transaction reports so you can make sure stock is available at the right place. Take a look at our step-by-step guide explaining how to create a collection point, apply it to a product and mark a product as collected here on our Knowledge Base.

5) Create and update your delivery options

Add a weight against each of your products, and set up multiple delivery products (for different weight ranges, locations, and/or delivery services). This gives your members more choice, and makes sure they're paying the correct amount for the delivery of their items. Use the delivery information report to see which orders need shipping, and the delivery queue to mark items as delivered. Find out how to manage product delivery on our delivery support pages

6) Optimise your checkout process

Your website's checkout can be configured in one of three ways. The system default makes purchasers log in to add items to their basket and complete their purchase. Optionally, you can allow non-logged-in users to add items to their basket, and make them log in to check out. The third option allows anonymous users to complete their purchase without logging in at all (dependent on product type/ requirements being added to the product). If you would like to find out more about any of these options, please get in touch with us by emailing

Thank you!

We hope you've found some of these tips useful - please share your own tips with us, or get in touch by emailing for help using any of these features.

If there is a particular theme or topic you'd like us to cover, please send us your suggestions and we'll bear them in mind when planning our next post.


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