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MSL 2020: You've Got This! - Guest speakers for August

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MSL 2020: You've Got This branding image full versionAugust 2020 - The MSL 2020: You've Got This! series of briefings, training, knowledge exchange and community events has been shaped by the MSL community. We were delighted to welcome colleagues from the wider SU community to join in the discussion with three fantastic guest speakers in August.  Digital transformation, student societies and representation at this time of unprecedented challenges and uncertainty were all on the agenda and each session is now available to view below.

MSL clients can register to attend and see the full schedule of training sessions and briefings in MyMSL in the Events area.

12th August @ 11.00am: "Accelerating the digital transformation of a 150 year old SU" (Kings College London Students' Union)

Apps, bots, kiosks, websites, conference calls and a pandemic. In this talk, Mayur Paul, Director of Digital and Communications at King’s College London Students’ Union discusses how a 150 year old SU got its skates on to digitally transform its services. 



12th August @ 12.00:  "Student Societies: Where we were? Where we are? Where are we going?" (Mary I Students' Union & Board of Irish College Societies?)

We welcomed David Cuddihy, Clubs & Societies Coordinator at Mary I Students' Union and Vice-Chairperson at the Board of Irish College Societies, who discussed student engagement in the context of student societies and how BICS members are planning for the unplannable. 

13th August @12.00: "Getting efficient with your course reps" (Coventry University Students' Union)

Lewis Lay of Coventry University Students' Union, takes an in-depth look at course reps, their importance to your student members and tips to run this area of your organisation's activities efficiently and effectively. 


Not part of the MSL community yet? If you'd like to learn more about the MSL System, we'd love to talk to you so drop us a line to say hello.


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