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BLOG: How MSL is making life easier for your staff and students

18th September 2019 - Read about the schedule of work MSL is embarking on which will result in a consistent user experience across the entire MSL System.

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19th September 2019 - From its beginnings as a platform to support Freshers’ fairs and clubs and socs memberships, The MSL System has grown over the years into a feature-rich membership management system. Whilst its development has followed a roadmap, many of the areas and additional modules you use on a daily basis have grown or been added organically to meet demand and the digital transformation of recent years.

Whilst the net effect has been to provide you with a market-leading solution, used by 120 student organisations in the UK, Ireland and Australia, we know that our users would welcome more consistency across the system’s functions.

So, we have embarked on a schedule of work which will result in a consistent user experience across the MSL System where often-used features are available, such as setting permissions and sending notifications. Standardisation of layouts, requirements, features and actions will assist with familiarity and speed up tasks whilst, behind the scenes, processes use shared, updated code to ensure reliability and speed.

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