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DUSA builds a supportive student network with MSL

Dundee University Students' Assocation has turned to MSL to help form the big-picture understanding of their members' needs, wants, expectations and behaviours.

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The Dundee University Students' Association log in blue and white

Dundee University Students’ Association (DUSA) has announced its decision to implement the MSL System as its first membership management platform.

We’re incredibly excited to take our engagement with students to a new level and interact in ways we haven’t before. As a Students’ Association, we exist to represent students and provide innovative and excellent services that transform their lives." 

Kellie Ioannou, Business Support Manager at DUSA, explains that as they venture out of the pandemic, they are beginning to place much more emphasis on the benefits students can derive from their DUSA membership. However, they are aware that member-driven organisations all share a common problem: as membership numbers grow and change with each year, the work required to manage memberships grows faster which is something DUSA has witnessed first-hand.

Over the years, we have adopted many tools to solve specific problems, but some of these tools have created problems of their own due to a lack of integration. Using multiple, different software platforms does not allow us to form the big-picture understanding of our member’s needs, wants, expectations, and behaviours."
MSL will become the golden thread that links everything together, helping us to better engage our students and build a supportive student network that is representative of their needs.


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