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The first developments in MSL's modernisation projects are scheduled for release w/c 6th June 2016

Starting with the Admin Website, these updates include a new login process and general improvements to the user interface (UI).

This round of development has been informed by the really valuable feedback we receive from our clients.  An overview of all these transformational developments is provided below and you can also watch a video tour of the first round of improvements here.

  • MSL Admin UX: the MSL Development Team has started work on a complete makeover of the MSL Admin user experience (UX). This comprises a series of improvements to the usability and accessibility of our admin functionality, i.e. we’re making the MSL Admin Website better-looking and easier to use.
  • MSL Admin Website: the first updates will modernise the Admin Website, by introducing a new login process and general improvements to the user interface (UI) courtesy of a responsive design and standard form/UI components. This then supports a much easier and more robust application launch process. These changes form the foundation for the next phase which is …..
  • MSL Windows applications: the next planned changes to functionality include a phased retirement of all the Windows applications. The first core Windows application is planned to be moved to the new Admin Website in time for Freshers 2016. (Please note that the POS and Door Entry applications will remain available in their current format for the foreseeable future.)

These are the first in a series of related projects which exploit the power of cloud delivery and have an over-arching goal of enhancing functionality while ensuring cross-platform capability; enhancements to modules and core functions which are planned include messaging, advanced data visualisation, payment options, volunteering, as well as the core website CMS and the MSL App.

As each project nears completion and release we will advise you in good time and provide more information about the next project.  

We are sure you will have lots of views on these plans and on the changes themselves.  Please contact us if you have questions or comments now and please remember to use the Forum on MyMSL if you wish to share ideas with your peers in the wider MSL community.

Look out for the next update in mid-June.


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