Version 6.8.697

This is a summary of changes in version 6.8.697, released on 2nd April 2009. This release includes significant updates to the Jobs module and the Shop admin tools. Also the Election Count application can now export ballot data in OpenSTV's BLT format.

15966: 'Close vacancy' button on job list

The main job vacancy list now has a 'close' button which removes the vacancy from the current listings and RSS feed with immediate effect.

22618: Rename Page - make more robust

The 'Rename Page' screen now has more explanation of the procedure and is better at dealing with problems that may occur.

22599: Listings report

The Listings Report summarises the number of job vacancies, marketplace items, adverts and business directory entries listed on a monthly basis.

22550: Election Count - export ballot data in OpenSTV BLT format

The Election Count application can now export ballot data to a BLT file.  This can be read into OpenSTV, which is an open-source STV count program.  You can use this to verify the results from the MSL count, or run the count using different STV methods.

22551: Election Count - remember previously selected organisation

The Election Count app now remembers the last organisation selected so that you don't have to set it each time.

22484: Website admin - filter options on Edit Pages Advanced screen

The 'Edit Pages (Advanced)' screen has new filter options that let you filter out deleted and system pages.

22470: Jobs module update

The Jobs module has had a significant update, including work on the admin screens, minor updates to the vacancy listing page, and the introduction of an RSS feed of current vacancies.  In addition the way that 'employer admins' are set up has been refined so that system-wide job admins do not need to be admin members of every employer organisation. 

For more details, please see the Jobs Admin guide in the support section of the MSL site.

22275: Jobs browse filter - only include parameter values relevant to current jobs

On the Browse Jobs page, the browse filter box now only includes job parameters and values that are relevant to current vacancies, to minimise the chances of 'no matches'.

22295: Delivery Information Report

This report shows the delivery address and other information where gathered at the point of sale, for all transactions in a date range.  It can be used in conjunction with or instead of the delivery queue application.

9840: Shop admin - Product Catalogue and Family admin tools

The Shop Admin section containing the Product Catalogue and Product Family admin tools has been revamped.  There is no significant change in functionality but we believe that these tools are now much easier to use.

5769: List events that your friends are attending

If you add the {friends} section to your event templates, users will be able to see which of their friends have bought tickets for the event they're looking at.

8200: RSS feed of current jobs

The Jobs module now has an RSS feed which lists all current vacancies.  This is not displayed anywhere by default, but all you need to do is publicise the URL (  More information is in the Jobs admin guide.

9442: Error message when sending email message

The Send Email page now handles errors when sending messages better.

7160: SqlException - rename_portal_page

Renaming a page to be blank no longer causes an error to occur, a warning that this is not allowed is displayed.

20980: Edit election details page - don't display 'lock election' checkbox if election is new

The Edit Election Details page no longer shows the 'lock election' checkbox when setting up a new election.

22389: Website admin - 'Move page' screen changed

The Move Page screen now has a page selector control to select the destination for the move.  It also displays the new name that the page will have once moved so you can double check what you're doing.

22411: Skin edit page - CSS file folder name textbox requires explanation

Added some notes to this screen to explain the use of the 'folder name' text box

22464: Error message tagging photo with person

Handles an error if the photo is already tagged to the person

22254: Event template 'dynamic sections' does not list Seating plan

Added the 'Seating Plan' and 'Friends' sections to the list of dynamic sections available on the Event Templates setup page.

22255: Error message on Seating plan admin page

Page now handles error if you attempt to create a duplicate menu

21402: Error page when adding event type

Fixed the page to handle duplicate event type error

22489: News list does not display child organisations' images

Fixed a problem preventing the display of images from child organisations' new articles when the Include Child Organisations setting was set.

22493: Product Customisation reports

Fixed a problem with the report so that it now groups customisation entries by item when there is more than one of the same item in a transaction.

22497: Pie Chart Predicament

Probably the best title of any bug report so far....

Fixed a problem where the poll control was not rendering correctly if a person has submitted a response.

22553: Edit page page gives 'old version' warning

Fixed a problem that was causing the old version warning to be displayed when a new draft was autosaved.

22561: News article alternate link doesn't accept bookmarks

Fixed a problem that prevented setting a news item's external URL to one containing a bookmark.

22541: Navigation items can't be edited

Fixed a problem on the Website Admin - Navigation screen that prevented navigation item details from being edited.


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