Version 6.8.693

This is a summary of the changes in version 6.8.693, released on 18 March 2009. This includes release notes for version 6.8.659, which was a limited release.

22059: Display poll to non logged in users

Polls now have a 'Display to Public' option.  When this is enabled, the poll will display the question and answers to non-logged in users, with a message instructing them to log in to vote.

22283: Adverts list - 'expire' button

The Adverts list now has a button which expires the advert's display period with one click.

22050: Section Page navigation option

The Navigation template control now has a SectionPageName property which lets you specify the root page for a navigation control when using ShowSectionNav (if not specified, the current page's top section is used as at present).

22080: 'Edit Page' - changes in behaviour

The 'edit' page will now load in the latest version saved by you (unless the current version is newer) rather than always loading the current version.  This allows to you repeat the edit-save but not publish cycle without having to go to 'history' each time to access your newer unpublished version.

In addition the wording on the four options on the Save screen has been clarified.

21837: Voting reports - include number of voters per IP address

The election and referendum stats reports now include a Voter Count column on the Top 10 IP Addresses section

21156: Advert activity report

The Advert Clicks report has been replaced with the 'Advert Activity Report' which includes the number of clicks and views per advert for logged in and non-logged in users.

This is now accessible from the Adverts admin section.

22465: Multiple-election voter demographics report

This report lets you pick more than one election to be included in the report's figures.  Useful for summarising voting involvement across all the elections in a year.

20681: Edit page warning message - add icon

The 'edit' page now features a more prominent warning message if your draft is based on an older or newer version than the current version.

9121: Adverts admin section improvements

The Adverts admin section has been overhauled to be more functional, consistent and easy to use. 

The advert list can be filtered, ad positions can be defined and the advert activity report can be accessed.

13384: Error message when trying to change root page skin & template

The 'page style' page has been changed to allow you to update a page's skin and masterpage template in one go.

21944: Multiple comments on a news article result in squiffy formatting in FF

Fixed a Firefox formatting problem on the news list

22044: Reset Draft / load current version not working

Fixed a problem which prevented the 'reset draft' button on the 'edit' page from working in certain cases.

21503: Ampersand displays wrong in news and events headers

Fixed a problem that displayed & signs as &

Release Notes - MembershipSystem: 6.8.659

21111: Allow more attributes on <embed> tag

The following attributes of the <embed> tag are now permitted as standard:
* wmode
* allowscriptaccess
* allowfullscreen
* flashvars

21139: Include child organisations' news

News list widget now has an 'Include Child Organisations' checkbox.  If checked, the list includes all public news items from child organisations. 

21490: Organisation memberships by category report

Reports on number of organisations, number of individuals and number of memberships by organisation category on the 1st of each month, in tabular and graphical form.  Organisation categories and membership categories can be included or excluded as required, and specific months can be listed to facilitate year-on-year comparisons.

You can drill down into an organisation category to see the number of individuals and memberships in a specific organisation.

21165: Registration status check page

This page allows students to check the status of their registration by entering their university ID number.  The system checks whether their ID is recognised, whether their data is current, and whether they've registered on the website, and displays the appropriate response.  The status messages are configurable, and certain status results e.g. 'uni data record in import duplicates' can trigger an email to your 'registration admin' so the problem can be resolved.

Contact us if you want this page activated on your site.

18769: 'Image only' layout option for news list

This layout option displays only images.  Articles with no image appear as blank spaces

20284: Add 'mobile phone number' to data import

Can now bring in students' mobile phone numbers if they are present in the import data.

19544: Event calendar widget

The event calendar widget displays an event list in a calendar-like format. 

See for an example. 

7160: SqlException - rename_portal_page

Renaming a page to be blank no longer causes an error to occur, a warning that this is not allowed is displayed.

21383: News & Blogs RSS feeds do not work properly in some readers

Fixed a problem with the News and Blogs rss feeds so that they behave as expected.


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