Version 6.8.652

A summary of the changes in Version 6.8.652

Release Notes - MembershipSystem: 6.8.652

20674: Product customisation report - show more than one product

This report can now list customisations for all products belonging to an organisation.  Use the drop down lists to select an organisation and/or product.

19979: Blog admin tools

Blog Admin page (/admin/blogs/) allows site admins (with permissions to that page) to review the list of blogs, delete blogs, edit blog settings and add and remove editors and admins for a blog.

Post moderation can be achieved by the site admin making themselves an editor of the relevant blog.

17545: Simplified forgotten password process

There is an alternative simple version of the forgotten password page.  This only requires a valid email address that is registered to a single user in the system.  The link sent out allows the user to reset their password.

7341: Handle duplicate poll question / answers error

Polls no longer allow more than one answer with the same text.  In addition, the 'create poll' page will handle when there's already a poll with the same question text and start date.

8139: Website navigation admin page

This page has been refurbished to include a page picker rather than a textbox to specify the page name.  It also gives you friendly error messages if a problem occurs.

8697: Web directory categories unique key

Now checks existing categories for match before creating new ones.

13193: Error message when trying to delete an event

Fixed a problem which prevented events from being deleted.

14366: Can't remove phone number if it's linked to a marketplace item

Fixed a problem which meant people couldn't delete any phone numbers which had ever been used for the marketplace item listing.

19573: Blog - insert image window hangs

Fixed problem which was preventing images and other rich content from being added to blog posts.

21095: Problem with demographic reports Fees Status / Residency / Ethnicity fields

Fixed a problem that was preventing the fees status / ethnicity / residency summary from displaying the correct information.

20730: Blog - Edit Post link appears for non-editors

On a blog, the 'Edit Post' link no longer appears for people who aren't editors of the blog


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