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Version 6.8.616

Release Notes - MembershipSystem: 6.8.616

19149: Website profile report

This report shows you the number of people who've updated their profile on the website, and how many of them have responded to your profile questions.  Also included are the top 10 responses per question.

19454: Event attendee demographics report - include attendance frequency

This report now includes a table of attendance frequency so you can see how many people are attending how many events in the series.

17353: Comment does not submit on first press of button

News comments are now submitted correctly

18321: Comments box breaks photo page javascript

This is now fixed, and the comments box is back on the photo page

19675: Page properties does not show redirect URL

The page properties page now loads the URL for redirected pages

19672: Problems deleting pages

Fixed a problem which prevented the deletion of non-organisation pages.

19660: Problem with navigation editing

The grid on the navigation editing page is now set so that it stays within the page when an item is being edited - in addition the edit/cancel buttons are on the left hand side so that they're always accessible


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