Version 6.8.606

A summary of the changes in Version 6.8.606

Release Notes - MembershipSystem: 6.8.606

19432: Update VAT rates on 1st December

The VAT rates were updated to 15.00% on the 1st December.

19429: 'Edit' pages standard toolbar

The website's 'edit' pages - content, properties, history and page style now share a common toolbar with links to each of these pages.

19433: Organisation list widget - category filter

The organisationlist widget now has a Category Filter setting so you can limit the list to particular categories. 

This enables you to create separate pages / sections for particular categories or groups of categories as required.

11287: Include sent date on view message page


18093: Message centre - Add space between bottom of recipients list and buttons

Improved the layout of the page

8715: Error message when attempting to import person

The admin website's import page now displays a friendly message if an attempt is made to import or update a person's details and there is already an existing person with the same name & DOB.

9442: Error message when sending email message

The Send Email page now handles errors when sending messages better.

9737: Submit referendum vote error messages

Friendly error messages now displayed to users if errors occur when submitting vote e.g. polling period ended.

14574: Error message when deleting page

Fixed a problem that prevented pages being deleted if their owning organisation didn't have a root organisation page set up

18329: Error message on Scrape page

The Scrape page now checks that the remote URL is correct

19087: Error message when adding new finance code on tickets page

The tickets page now validates new finance codes before attempting to save them.

19096: 404 not working on root pages

Fixed a problem that meant that the 404 page not found page was not displayed for unknown URLs below organisation root pages e.g. /societies/idontexist/

19341: Memberships Admin - Error message when right clicking on empty space in grouping properties screen

Fixed an error which occurs when right clicking the grouping properties screen

19320: Error message while adding message attachment

Fixed a problem that caused an error message when uploading attachments with invalid filenames.  Also tidied up layout of attachments page. 

19276: Can't delete stylesheet

The 'page style' page now distinguishes between inherited and directly attached stylesheets, and prevents you from attempting to delete inherited stylesheets.

19453: Website allows pages with no title

The system no longer allows pages with no title.

19455: Door Entry report doesn't include people who are members of free entry groups

The Door Entry Report now includes people who entered the event as members of the free entry groups.


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