Version 6.8.592

A summary of the changes in Version 6.8.592

Release Notes - MembershipSystem: 6.8.592

19082: Elections profile page - do not show requirements for past elections

The Elections Profile page now only lists the requirements for posts in current elections, to keep the number of items in the list down.

18836: Elections admin - Add election title & organisation name to candidate list and post list

The elections and referenda admin pages now show the name of the election or referendum you're currently editing, to avoid confusion

9804: Display election name on candidate list

The election title now appears on the election's candidate list page

10108: Allow election admins to add and update manifestos (at all times)

Admins can now upload and edit candidates' manifestos at any point.  Candidates are still limited by the deadline. 
If a candidate is also an admin, the admin rights take priority.

18074: Elections setup guide

There is now a guide to administering elections on the client support area of the MSL website.

9557: Referenda - specify 'not eligible' text

The message displayed when a person is not eligible to vote in a referendum can now be specified in the referenda admin page.

12003: Seating plan - show 'group owner'

The Seating Plan Groups page shows the name and ID number of the person who set the group up.

12228: Seating plan admin - add ability to add new group

You can now add new seating plan groups and assign a person as the owner.

18802: Error message when adding a seating plan

This page now validates dates correctly and lets you specify the time as well as dates.

18804: Seating plan - Error message when clicking Export to Excel

Fixed an error that occurred if the Export to Excel button was clicked if there were no seating plan allocations

12233: Delete people from seating plan groups after table plan has been generated

People can now be deleted from seating plan groups even when the table plan has been generated (you may want to regenerate the seating plan afterwards).

12374: Seating plan - error message when attempting to delete tables after allocation

The page now warns you that the table allocation will be deleted and prompts for confirmation.

13922: Error while deleting advertiser

Fixed an error message that appeared when trying to delete an advertiser

9720: Election count - display lists in latest first date order

The Election Count application now sorts the drop down list of elections / referenda in reverse date order.

8739: Elections admin create post page lets you select organisation groupings

The page now warns you if an invalid grouping is selected

18107: Event organisation ID does not match URL organisation ID.

If an event's organisation has changed, old links would fail as the organisation ID does not match the event's new organisation ID.  If the event page encounters this it now redirects to the correct URL

18333: Referendum admin - handle create errors better

The referendum admin pages are now better at validating entered information and handling errors that occur during updates.


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