Version 6.7.584

Release Notes - MembershipSystem: 6.7.584

12937: Event list widget - 'No events' text

The event list control now has a 'NoEventsText' property which allows you to specify text to display if there are no events in the list.  NB: 'HideOnNoEvents' takes priority.

16737: Elections admin page - 'show non current elections' checkbox

The elections admin page now has a checkbox that controls whether non-current elections are shown (the display period defines whether an election is current).  The default is to only show current elections.

18356: Election count - Error message when selecting referendum motion


18367: Card Swipe doesn't work

Fixed a problem which prevented cards being swiped to search for people

9695: Referendum date validation

The system now checks that referendum deadline dates are within the referendum's display period.

18787: No times on edit referendum details page

Referendum polling & deadline times can now be specified rather than just dates.

18768: News article Remove Image button does not work

Fixed - the Remove Image button immediately deletes the image from the news article.


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