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Version 6.7.576

Release Notes - MembershipSystem: 6.7.576

18312: Door Entry - go straight to tickets screen

After searching for a person who does not have any pre-purchased tickets, the screen goes straight to the ticket list if tickets are available, rather than having to press the SELL TICKETS button.

14050: Extra fields on demographic reports

The reports now include the 'ethnicity', 'fees status' and 'residency' fields, where populated.

16266: Enable external hyperlink on title in event list

You can now specify external URLS for events.  If specified, the event's entry in the event listings and RSS feed links to this URL rather than the standard one.

7316: Delete photo gallery - 'The directory is not empty'

A bug in deleting non empty photo galleries is now fixed.

18069: Leagues - Error message when adding fixtures

Now checks for existing fixtures on same date with same teams.

16750: No links to Referenda admin menu

If the 'Referenda Admin' option isn't appearing in your Admin control panel, set Show in Navigation 'on' for the page /admin/referenda/

18091: Typo on Review Nomination page


17621: Organisation admin 'List members by group' page shows deleted groups

Fixed - this page now only includes active groups

18307: Error messages while searching for people

Fixed a bug that caused error messages when using certain criteria to search for people.

18290: Error message when adding / updating events

When adding or updating events, the page now checks to see if there are any existing ones with the same name / start date as this must be unique.

18134: Photos Javascript

There's a problem with the Comments box on the photo page which stops the page from working.  The comments box has been removed temporarily to get the page working again.

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