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Version 6.7.571

Release Notes - MembershipSystem: 6.7.571

18050: Non-public profile fields appear in 'friend search'

This no longer happens - fields set to not 'show in profile' are not included when people search for friends with similar interests.

17695: Search

Fixed a bug that prevented search results being returned when nobody was logged in.

17578: Date validation on league add fixture page

checks for valid dates.


Release Notes - MembershipSystem: 6.7.565

17229: Admin web - Process incomplete transaction

The Open Transactions and Transactions lists on the POS Admin section of the Admin website now have a 'Process Transaction' button, for use when a transaction has not been fully completed for whatever reason at the point of sale.

13584: Controls throwing errors

When an RSS widget cannot load its content because the RSS feed is down, error text is no longer displayed.

17012: Style sheet inheritance

Fixed a bug that meant that stylesheets couldn't be added to pages whose full names were longer than 50 characters

17030: Image in Ents not appearing

Fixed a bug which meant that images on new events were not saved correctly.

17552: News RSS feed does not set URL correctly for redirected articles

If a news article is set to redirect to an external URL, the link in the RSS news feed now goes to that URL rather than back to the (blank) news page on the website.

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