Version 6.6.414

A summary of the changes in version 6.6.414

Release Notes - MembershipSystem: 6.6.414

This update brought together and completed a lot of ongoing work in standardising how the WYSIWYG editors worked in conjunction with uploading images and documents to the site.

All areas of the site now share a common platform ready for the improvements in image and document uploading, searching, tagging etc.

Behind the scenes we are now running the sites on the .NET 3.5 platform which will enable us to utilise a number of great new features including much greater RSS (And Atom) support across the board and cleaner xhtml output to save bandwidth and make styling the site easier.

7316: Delete photo gallery - 'The directory is not empty'

A bug in deleting non empty photo galleries is now fixed.

10123: Deleting groups with members

Deleting "exec" positions and contact lists that still contain members no longer results in an error.

11901: Calendar control random behaviour

Date selection controls have been standadised across the site.

13071: Admin app - list does not refresh when changing tree node if new node has the same name


13292: Clone Page

When attempting to clone an existing page the regexs required now allow the full set of characters instead of resulting in an error.

13170: Error message when updating a membership

Made a change to deal with entering an invalid date range for a membership

13188: Poll creation

Fixed bug when creating a new poll where it wouldn't load the recently created poll back into the page

13192: News images black background

Thumbnail images for news widgets set not to stretch to fit the image dimensions displayed a black background to the image if no background image colour was specified on the widget control.

This has been updated to now use a white background by default.


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