Version 6.6.405

Release Notes - MembershipSystem: 6.6.405

13024: Remove YUI grid dependancy

YUI reset and YUI grids will no longer be included in the site stylesheets by default.

Adding the links to the Yahoo CDN versions of these resources has been done automatically for skins that use the grid system.

By removing the reset styles of the yahoo css you may notice slightly different styles on things like heading, bulleted lists etc.

Adding the following code the head of the masterpage template should revert them to how they were

<link rel="stylesheet" href="" type="text/css">

By removing the inbuilt link to the yahoo css you are now free to use or not use these resources and keep them at a fixed version should any breaking changes occur within the external resource.

7091: Friends pending error

Reviwing friend requests error when changing number of records to view now fixed

8962: Widget name error

Attempting to create a new widget with the same name as an existing one will now show a warning rather than an error.

13043: Missing tabs on editor image uploader

Images etc. uploaded to web directory businesses are now linked to these businesses directly instead of being in a single directory.

13070: Error message when registering a new person

Fixed a problem that caused an error message when registering a new person


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