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Version 6.6.386

Release Notes - MembershipSystem: 6.6.386

12426: Rss feed widgets and caching

Added SortBy property to the RSS widget allowing date, title and random sort orders

12419: Product collection and delivery options

Collection and delivery options can be specified per product, and the system tracks whether the items have been collected or delivered.  See MSL Point of Sale Administration Guide for more information.

11396: Admin web - access specific POS session / reading / transaction report

If you know the ID number, you can now access the report for a specific session / reading / transaction directly from the relevant screen.

7054: Marketplace improvements

Added the following to the Marketplace:
* ability to specify sales deadline
* ability to take items off sale
* ability to re-list unsold items
* ability to re-list sold items (creates a new item)

Also fixed 2 outstanding bugs

7062: forgotten password template not installed on MSL site

Added ShowForgottenPasswordLink="False" option on the MSL:Login control

12471: POS - do not prompt for fulfilment options for refund transactions

the POS application no longer prompts for collection / delivery information for Refund transactions

11407: POS Admin - Populate product membership grouping fixes

Fixed the problem that prevented population (!) when a customer had bought the same product on more than one occasion

11829: Memberships Admin - delete person errors

People can't be deleted if there are still related memberships, transactions, voting records etc.  If there's a problem deleting the person, you'll now get a friendlier error message, and the reason will be logged, so we can see what's going on.

12354: POS admin - stock control status not present when opening product from search

Fixed problem that prevented status being loaded correctly when opening product details from Search form

12377: Child page prefill

When creating a child page, the parent page is pre-filled as expected

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