Version 6.5.358

A summary of the changes in version 6.5.358

11353: Fonts

New page /admin/portal/editortoolbars/ now allows customisation of the wysiwyg editors around the site.

This is part of a larger work in progress and is subject to breaking changes.

11486: Set organisation page title to be name of organisation

Organisation pages now display the name of the organisation as th epage title and inside the breadcrumb

11461: Editing old news items

Deleting and Undeleting archives news articles now works as expected. Long lists of archived articles are paged for easier viewing.

11475: Adding job vacancy with invalid date causes error

Adding a job vacancy with a valid format but of a year outside 'normal' boudaries resulted in an error. This is no longer the case, these dates will be flagged as invalid forcing correction before the form can be submitted.

11597: Validate date entry on add banned list entry screen

Screen now handles invalid date entries

11607: POS Admin - error message when removing a product membership


11613: Error message when registering new person

Fixed a problem that happened when attempting to register a new person with an invalid postal address

11690: POS Admin - product membership icons do not correspond to grouping type

Now they do

11708: Permission denied errors on person properties screen

Certain buttons on the person properties screen (Uni data, Website account, Contact options) were enabled for non-Membership Admins, when clicked an error would occur.  The buttons are now disabled for all users apart from Membership Admins


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