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Version 6.5.349

A summary of the changes in version 6.5.349

Release Notes - MembershipSystem: 6.5.349

11368: News articles (fwd)

Adding documents and flash movies to news articles now works as expected - links are correctly formed

11447: Script error

Uploaded files from old news articles contained some characters that are not allowed within the msl system causing javascript errors when attempting to upload a new image.

The old files ahve been updated and the 'upload image' window now copes with invalid files correctly.

11405: set event page title to be name of event

Event pages now display the name of the vent in the page title and breadcrumb navigation

7160: Renaming page error

Renaming a page to be blank no longer causes an error to occur, a warning that this is not allowed is displayed.

11404: Seating plan add table doesn't work properly

Some minor bugs in seating plan admin were fixed. Creating a new table now loads in the table directly (no longer need to refresh page to see it)

11339: Exception (PortalApp.ImageHandler.ResizeImage)

Specifying only one dimension for thumbnail images in event and news widgets will no longer cause an error

11455: Updating job vacancies does not allove complete removal of some fields

Updating a job vacancy to delete certain fields completely now works as expected (data is deleted)

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