Version 7.12

Latest update ready for release.

We will be releasing the latest update to the MSL system over the course of Thursday (13 Jan) evening and Friday morning. 
The update includes a change to the way the Admin control panel widget works. When we released version 7, we changed this widget so that the Organisations section only showed organisations that the user had an explicit permission for. This caused some confusion – so we’ve changed it so that it now includes organisations where the user has permission either from an explicit assignment directly to that person, or from an explicit permission assigned to a group that they are a member of (for example a society Exec membership). Hopefully this will be the best of both worlds! If you’re still using ‘staff admin’ groups then all of these will reappear - it’s time to replace them with permissions, so let us know if you need help setting this up.
The second visible change is to the way organisation-related admin functions are accessed. Previously, many of the different organisation admin areas (news, signups, polls, etc) had their own way in, with different ways of selecting the organisation you want to administrate. We’ve consolidated this so that all these functions are available from the main organisation admin screen. For people with permissions to more than one organisation, there is a link that allows you to change your current organisation context at any time. There are a couple of other areas left, namely elections, referenda and surveys, and we hope to include these in due course.
This update also contains a couple of new reports as well as a number of minor updates and bug fixes. Full details of this and all previous updates can be found at the following link:
We’ve now implemented a link between the MSL site and our case tracking system. This enables us to keep the release notes and details of what we’re currently working on up to date more easily - further details to follow in the forthcoming newsletter.
If you have any questions, please contact us on

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