Version 6.94.827

This is a summary of the changes in version 6.94.827, released on Thursday 4 March 2010. As well as a few enhancements and fixes, this release includes support for SMS messaging and enables international characters in email message subject and body.

31310: Add product customisation report to Admin website POS reports section

The Customisations report can now be accessed from the Admin website POS reports section.

31262: POS / Door Entry - prompt when transaction is not complete

The POS and Door Entry applications payment screen now prompts the operator to confirm if the transaction's status is Payment in Progress and they press the Cancel button on the payment screen.  This is to minimise the number of incomplete transactions.

27319: Allow web admins to admin all organisations' surveys

Website admins can now administrate all surveys

24953: Messages - support for international characters

Email subject and message body can now contain international characters - you can copy and paste in from (for example) Word.

25188: SMS messaging capability

The system can now send SMS messages via the Message Centre.  Contact us if you would like to enable this.

31172: Signup admin improvements

The signup admin screens have been reviewed and the layout improved.

31715: Survey reports - 'Completed Responses Only' checkbox

The survey reports now have a checkbox which lets you filter out incomplete responses.

31463: Login page redirection

If you are using the Shibboleth login system, and have a Login button in your templates which direct users to the /login/ page, the page now has some intelligence built in to redirect the user back to the page they were on when they pressed the login button, rather than redirecting them back to the home page.  This can be overridden on the logincontrol widget if required.

31884: Election & referendum voting IP address reports

There are two new reports that detail numbers of votes and voters per IP address.

32055: Compose message improvements

The Compose Message screen now shows you the number of recipients, and the number of people expected to receive an email message, according to their contact options.

8321: Conversion from type 'DBNull' to type 'String' is not valid.

Forum results will no longer cause an error when no subject is entered.

30934: Product Customisation Reports for Societies

Fixed a problem with the customisations report on organisation admin areas.

30774: Org admins having problem uploading images to events

Fixed a problem with uploading images to events set up by Organisation admins, and a related problem on the main Ents admin new event screen, where the image was not saved properly for a new event if the organisation was changed.

31159: 'Similar Events' links to wrong event URL


31382: Message subject not visible when viewing a message

The View message screen in the Message Centre now shows the message subject.

31290: Survey admin - incorrect 'responses completed' count

Fixed a problem that caused the Survey admin screen to list the same number for completed/non completed responses.

32040: Login page displays control even if there is a login widget on the page

Fixed a problem that caused the login page to add a login control even if there was a login widget already on the page.

31576: Website - deleting pages does not delete child pages

Fixed a problem with page deletion - it was not deleting child pages.  In addition it now checks that system pages are not going to be deleted.

31688: Problems with file import

Fixed a problem that prevented the Import Membership List page from working properly.

32096: Product customisation option selection not available in POS application

Fixed the POS application to display product customisation choices in a dropdown box when a list of available choices has been defined.


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