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Version 6.93.813

A summary of the changes in version 6.93.813, released on Thursday 28 Jan.

30930: Admin-only sticky forum posts

You can now set a forum so that only admins can make posts 'sticky'.

30983: Sort by name option on catalogue widget

The catalogue widget now has a Sort by Name option to sort products.

31096: Door Entry - show date range

The Door Entry application now shows the date range it's using to list events in the main setup screen and the assign entry points / venues screens.

31097: Events Admin & Door Entry - sort event list

The event lists in the Door Entry and Events Admin applications are now sorted in date order.

8306: Problem when filtering members list

The filter now handles apostrophes in names

25019: Error message when responding to survey

The survey setup allowed responses that redirected back to the same section, which caused an error.  This is no longer allowed.

25972: Problem when filtering news archive

Fixed a problem caused by apostrophes in the filter string.

26989: Error message when viewing photos tagged with person

Fixed a problem which caused an error when viewing photos tagged with a person

30993: Organisations' sent messages not displaying

In the Organisation Messaging screen (and the Messaging Admins screens) the Sent Messages list now shows all messages sent in the context of the organisation, rather than ones that were sent from the organisation's email address.

31087: Messaging admins can only select default address when sending message

On the Compose email screen, messaging admins were only able to select their default email address, rather than being able to use ay of the confirmed email addresses they have defined. 

31073: POS Admin product customisations list problem

Fixed a problem where the list of customisations did not get updated when adding new items to the list.

31098: Events Admin On Sale indicator is incorrect

Fixed a problem that was causing the Events Admin application to show tickets' on sale status incorrectly

31104: Saving a template with no name does not trigger error

Added a check to make sure a template name is provided.

31119: Sanitise URL parameter on 404 page

The 404 page now cleans the url parameter to prevent a possible XSS attack.

31124: Ents program events that are unticked can't be viewed

Fixed a problem that prevented an event being viewed at the /events/orgID/eventID URL if it was changed to an 'authorised' event and then changed back.

29058: Error message when trying to send website registration invitation

Fixed a problem that occurred when trying to send an invitation where the username was already in use by a different person.

29366: Problem when filtering event list on events admin page

Fixed a problem which caused an error if the filter contained an apostrophe.

30413: Edit Preview does not work when page contains event list

Fixed the preview window to work if the page contains an event list.

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