Version 6.92.802

Summary of the changes in version 6.92.802, published on Wednesday 16 Dec 2009.

24835: Tag news items

News items can now be tagged, and the news list widget can be configured to limit the list to items with the specified tags.

27634: Preserve order when linking page stylesheets

The system now preserves the order in which non-global stylesheets are linked to a page.  In addition, the 'page style' page shows you where the stylesheet is being inherited from.

29824: Allow clubs to assign a type to events they create

Organisation admins can now choose from the list of available event types when setting up events.

29388: Election ballot paper rubric text

The fixed text that appears at the top of the ballot paper is now part of the 'ballot rubric', editable on a post-by-post basis.

29813: Event list widget editor checkbox list for event types

The event list widget editor now has a checkbox list for setting the event types to include or exclude

30167: Product Customisations report for organisation admins

Organisation admins can now access the Customisations report for their organisation's products.

30192: Default VAT for tickets created on the website

Tickets created via the website now get their VAT code defaulted to whatever's set on the Ticket product type.

30336: League team membership requirements

Can now specify an organisation to which all league team members must belong.  For now, this is a system wide setting. 

8715: Error message when attempting to import person

The admin website's import page now displays a friendly message if an attempt is made to import or update a person's details and there is already an existing person with the same name & DOB.

6012: POS - Refund memberships that haven't started

The system now handles refunds for transactions that include memberships that haven't yet started.

8652: POS - Refunding pending memberships expires current membership instead

See also 6012 - fixed a problem that caused expiration of current memberships instead of pending memberships.

14574: Error message when deleting page

Fixed a problem that prevented pages being deleted if their owning organisation didn't have a root organisation page set up

18069: Leagues - Error message when adding fixtures

Now checks for existing fixtures on same date with same teams.

25641: Error message when changing event's ticket sales (product group) limit

Now checks that a non-zero/negative number is being entered.

26025: Error message when trying to delete employer

Fixed a problem that caused an error message when trying to delete a job employer

26950: Error message when saving new person

Fixed a problem that caused an error when registering a new person in Memberships Admin

27374: Show Blog Posts on profile page is showing duplicates

Fixed a problem that was causing blog posts to be duplicated on the profile page

29118: Error message when updating poll answer

Fixed a problem that occurred when editing an answer.  This was caused by the 'answer colour' textbox not being populated with the hex value of the colour.  The page has been changed so that when an answer is being edited, the colour can be chosen using the colour picker.  The admin screens have also been updated to the new style.

29430: News list drag and drop does not work in IE8


29363: Email reports links do not work properly

Fixed the links to reports in report server subscription email messages.

30028: Non-public news articles not displaying

Fixed a problem which prevented 'members-only' news articles from displaying even to members...

30031: Problem refunding tickets

Fixed a problem that occurred when carrying out a refund where there were other non-ticket products in the transaction.

30052: Events calendar widget styling breaks when placed inside table

Updated the CSS so that the events calendar hover behaviour works even when the widget is inside a layout table.

30302: Event tickets page does not show per-person limit



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