Version 6.91.786

10794: 'EventListController' widget to replace '/ents/eventlist/' system page

The EventListController widget provides the same functionality as the month list on the current /ents/eventlist/ system page - when placed on a page it will filter its associated eventlist widget by month as the user clicks on it.  This means that you can recreate the /ents/eventlist/ page wherever you like in your site - maybe you don't use the term 'ents'...

25430: Referendum admin - link to stats report

The Referendum admin page now has a link to the referendum's voting stats report.

26702: Referenda widget - needs 'there are no motions' message

Referendum list widget now has a 'no motions text' property so that you can set the appropriate message.

28210: Referenda voting exit page

You can now specify a page to which voters are sent upon completion of the voting process.  If not set this defaults to '/referenda/' as at present.

28211: Allow specification of referendum organisation and voter group

You can now specify a referendum's organisation and eligible voter group on a per-referendum basis without needing to contact us.

28214: funny colours in poll

Fixed a problem which allowed a blank value to be entered for poll answer colours

28288: Inherited Requirements description incorrect on page advanced security screen

Fixed a problem which caused the description of inherited requirements to be incorrect.

28184: Event page 'please log in to buy tickets' message not showing

Fixed a problem which was preventing this message from being shown when users were not logged in.

26763: News widget - Include Child Organisations and non-public articles

Setting the 'include child organisations' option no longer filters out non-public articles - the list now displays all items as appropriate to the user's memberships.

27511: News articles reorder themselves unpredictably

Fixed a problem which was causing news articles to be unnecessarily reordered when other articles' order was changed.

28826: Event lists do not honour member/admin only permissions when include child organisations is set

When the 'include child organisations' option is set on the event list and event calendar widgets, they now check the events' members-only and admins-only settings and display appropriately (previously only publicly viewable events were shown).

28828: Can't 'unstick' forum post

Moderating a forum post now allows the moderator to set the 'sticky' checkbox.


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