Version 6.90.783

Version 6.90.783 is released on Friday 9 October. This update includes a new Page Comments widget, several performance enhancements, and the ability to integrate with Shibboleth identity providers - this allows your users to use their University login details to access your site. Contact us for further information.

24680: Page comments widget

The Page Comments widget lets you add the ability to comment on any page.  Any logged-in user who has access to the page can add comments, and you can choose whether comments are visible to the general public.

26211: Allow upload of .flv to page assets

You can now upload Flash Video (flv) format files to pages.

26660: Referenda list widget - 'No Motions' text

You can now specify the text displayed if the referendum has no motions defined - previously, just the title was shown and it was unclear what the state of play was.

26959: Performance enhancements Sep 2009

Several items of data in the site are now cached to improve performance, including news, events and organisation details.  These are only loaded once even if there are multiple event or news list widgets on the page.

26798: Include all sub groups in Uni data parameter groupings setup

On the 'Setup Parameter-Membership Links' screen in the Admin website's Uni data section, the 'grouping' dropdown now includes all groups below the University organisation, not just the immediate child groups.

27036: Shibboleth integration

The system now supports integration with Shibboleth identity providers.  If your University supports this, it means that your site can be configured so that students can log in using their University username and password (providing you have their details from your University).  This removes the need for a separate registration process and means they don't need to remember login details for your site.

If you are interested, please contact us for further information.

27013: Forum Swear Filter

The forum 'censor' option now includes several of the most common swearwords and will replace any found in forum subjects and posts with the cleaned up alternatives...

27170: NUS Extra page - resize image to fit

The NUS Extra page now resizes uploaded photos to the correct aspect ratio i.e. portrait photo, cropping the left and right area as required.

27208: Remove non-current uni parameter values when updating

When the data import runs, non current parameter values (nationality, department, etc) are removed from the list - so when you are setting up new parameter membership links, the drop down lists only include current values rather than every value that's ever been imported.

27496: Hide news widget on no news items

A new property has been added for the news widget - 'Hide if no current news'. This hides the whole widget if there are no news items in the news list.

8507: Error message when updating stylesheet

Now checks that filename etc is specified before submitting.

13413: Delete organisation images

Deleting an image uploaded to e.g. a noticeboard now works as expected.

26618: Catalogue CSS 'discount' class missing from stylesheet

Added this to the stylesheet

27161: Photos page broken for people with friends

Fixed a problem that caused an error if people with friends went to the 'photos' page.

27128: Organisation links generated incorrectly

Fixed a problem that was causing organisations' links from search results and the organisation list to be worked out incorrectly.

27345: Ents Ticket Links

On event pages, the Buy Tickets 'add' button now posts back to the current page, whether this is /ents/event/ID/ or events/OrgID/ID/

27487: Validation email problem

Fixed a problem which caused the old username to be included in validation emails when a person chooses to re-register


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