Version 6.82.765

This is a summary of the changes in version 6.82.765, due for release on Thursday 17 September. This release includes the ability for organisation admins to set up their own events, a Merge People feature for resolving incorrectly registered guest accounts, the inclusion of the transaction receipt text and collection information on the transaction confirmation page, and a number of fixes for reported problems.

26314: Feedback on Mailing list widget

Added an 'Updated' message when people change their list selections in the mailing list widget.

26211: Allow upload of .flv to page assets

You can now upload Flash Video (flv) format files to pages.

17047: Merge people feature

In the admin website Admin section, this lets you transfer all transactions and memberships from one person to another, so that you can (for example) remove guest accounts that have been set up by mistake.

10660: Organisation event admin screens

Organisation admins can now add their own events.  They can specify basic details such as title, location and times, but cannot set up tickets or any of the more advanced event features.

Events set up will appear in the main event list under Ents Admin, where there is a new Organisation column.  Ents admins can then take the event and set tickets, seating plan, include it in the Entertainments programme, etc.

26051: Display receipt text on transaction confirmation page

The transaction confirmation page now includes all the information that is included on the email receipt, namely any product / product type receipt text, and collection information.

8139: Website navigation admin page

This page has been refurbished to include a page picker rather than a textbox to specify the page name.  It also gives you friendly error messages if a problem occurs.

8715: Error message when attempting to import person

The admin website's import page now displays a friendly message if an attempt is made to import or update a person's details and there is already an existing person with the same name & DOB.

10745: Can't delete event brand that has events

Fixed a problem that prevented deletion of unused event brands.

11733: Error message when adding finance code on Event Tickets page

Fixed a problem that caused an error message when adding finance codes via the Event Tickets page.

26085: Election post proposers required but not asked for

Fixed a problem that meant that a candidate could not select proposers and seconders even if they were required.

26098: POS Admin - Error message when deleting products from search screen

Fixed a problem which prevented products being deleted from the POS Admin search screen

26119: Shop admin - images do not refresh

Fixed a problem that was stopping the image from being refreshed.

26272: Basket control - "Sorry, you have reached your maximum limit for this product or group of products."

Altered the warning message displayed on the Product page if the person has a product in their basket, and the product's group's per-person limit is reached. 

The message is now a bit friendlier, and a link to Review Basket is displayed.

26421: Requirements on Review Basket incorrectly ordered

Fixed the Review Basket page so that multiple sets of requirements are displayed correctly.

26322: Browse Jobs filter does not work properly

Fixed the Browse Jobs page so that the drop down parameter filters work properly.  Selecting parameters will now narrow down the list to include only jobs that have all the selected parameters.

Additionally the lists are now in alphabetical order.

26453: 'Advanced Security' page displays inherited permissions incorrectly

Fixed a problem which was causing inherited page permissions to be displayed incorrectly.

26561: Cannot specify 'page's organisation' when editing organisation templates

When editing organisation templates (under /organisation/templates/) the organisation selection dropdown now defaults to 'Use page's organisation' - previously when a template was edited this would get set to the root organisation, and organisation page editors would need to re-set this in their pages.


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