Version 6.82.759

This is a summary of the changes in version 6.82.759, due for release on Wednesday 12th August. This update includes a number of improvements to the widget editing system, an update to handle NUS Extra 2009, and some new properties on the News List widget - as well as a number of other minor fixes.

25797: Add news widget option for display body text for news items

Added a new property in the news widget called 'Include body text'. When this is checked, the full article text is displayed for all items in the news list.

25799: Add recurring monthly / daily option for events

When adding an event, you can now set it to automatically reoccur every day, week or month(previously the only option was weekly).

25773: NUS Extra 2009

The system has been updated to deal with the changes in the NUS Extra card system for 2009, including the ISIC card option and local products.

25685: Multiple target address for form pages

You can now specify that form page submissions are sent to more than one email address.

23573: News list widget - Show Published Date option

A new option on the News widget allows you to display the articles' published date in the list.

25804: Test submission link on email form page

There is now a 'test' button on the email form page setup screen which enables you to test that the email addresses you have used are OK.

25852: Redirect pages - specify relative URL

You can now use relative URLs when setting up redirect pages.

25633: Blog rss feed - include time as well as date

The blog RSS feed now includes the time of posting as well as the date.

7160: Error message when renaming a page

Now checks for deleted pages that have the new name, and displays appropriate message

Renaming a page to be blank no longer causes an error to occur, a warning that this is not allowed is displayed.

8139: Website navigation admin page

This page has been refurbished to include a page picker rather than a textbox to specify the page name.  It also gives you friendly error messages if a problem occurs.

8321: Conversion from type 'DBNull' to type 'String' is not valid.

Forum results will no longer cause an error when no subject is entered.

10123: Deleting already deleted group

Deleting "exec" positions and contact lists that still contain members no longer results in an error.

18069: Leagues - Error message when adding fixtures

Now checks for existing fixtures on same date with same teams.

25627: Error message when selecting 'All' on organisation sent messages screen

Fixed the error that occurred when 'All' was selected.

25727: Various errors when editing widgets

We have made several internal changes to the way widgets are edited and displayed.  This has fixed a number of errors reported when widgets were being edited.

25742: Widgets - default value applied even to existing widgets when property value is cleared

The widget editor screen now only applies default values to properties when the widget is first added to the page.  This means that you can clear the property's value and it will remain blank.

25780: strange event list behaviour

In an event list, 'the 'types' links that appear at the bottom of an event can now be hidden by unchecking the 'show event types' property.

Clicking on a type link shows a list of all events tagged with that 'type' (previously not all events were shown).

The system page at ents/eventlist now displays a list of all events, by month (previously not all events were displayed).

25890: Error message when saving photo gallery

The system now checks for existing photo galleries with the same name.


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