Version 6.82.748

This is a summary of the changes in version 6.82.748, release date 23 July 2009. This update includes some new features in the Messaging and Forum areas.

See below for full details - here are the highlights:

  • Site admins and other nominated groups - 'messaging admins' - can now send messages on behalf of any organisation, and view all organisations' sent items
  • Organisation admins can now see all messages sent on behalf of their organisation
  • Site admins and other nominated groups - 'forum admins' can view and edit any forum
  • 'Forum admins' can moderate or delete any post
  • A new Organisation Forums widget displays all forums belonging to a particular organisation
  • Improvements to the Personal Forums widget so it retains its 'new post' status until you've looked at the actual forum

25566: Forums: Add watch button to post list page

There is now a 'Watch Forum' button on the forum page itself as well as on the forum list page.

25575: Organisation list widget - Include subtree option

Added an 'include subtree' option to the organisation list widget, which lets you include all organisations in the tree below the selected root organisation, not just the first level as before.

25555: Allow admins to send on behalf of any organisation

Website admins (and other groups who are granted permission) have access to the page /admin/messaging/.  This lets them:

a) send messages on behalf of any organisation
b) view messages sent on behalf of any organisation

without having to be an admin member of those organisations.

25556: Allow organisation admins to see all sent messages

Organisation admins can now see all the messages that have been sent on behalf of that organisation i.e. by other admins.  Useful for co-ordinating communications....

25510: Forum admin permissions

There is a new page at /admin/forums/.  Website admins (and others granted permission to see that page) are able to view, edit the properties and post to ALL forums, regardless of organisation memberships.

14858: Remove forum posts

'Forum admins' (those who have permission to the /admin/forums/ page are now able to remove any forum post or entire topic.  The action is recorded and the post is retained in the database, it is just hidden from view.

25496: Organisation forum list widget

There is a new Organisation Forums widget which will list all forums that belong to an organisation.  It displays a list similar to the one you see at the main forums page - /forums/.  You can choose to group by category, and show or hide the navigation.

25497: Personal forums widget - last post notification

The personal watched forums widget has been improved so that it maintains it's 'new post' status until the user actually looks at the relevant forum, rather than resetting each time the user logs out.

In addition there is now an option to show the most recent post information underneath the name of each watched forum.

23074: POS Admin populate product membership fails when people have more than one txn

Finally fixed the error that occurs when retrospectively populating a product membership group, when people have purchased the same item multiple times (in more than one transaction).

25597: odd bug when adding widget to page

Fixed a problem that happened when editing a widget - after you save the widget and go back to the list, only the new widget was displayed.

13641: Error on blog rss feed when blog does not exist

The blog rss feed now returns a 404 response if the specified blog does not exist.




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