Version 6.82.744

This is a summary of the changes in version 6.82.744, release date 15 July 2009. This release features a number of improvements to the website, several bug fixes and some new customer-requested features.

25458: Edit pages advanced - allow clearing of organisation ID

Using Edit Pages (Advanced) you can now clear a page's organisation ID.

25423: Organisation list widget - sort order

A new 'Sort by Grouping Tree Order' option on the organisation list widget sorts the list in order as specified on the grouping tree.  The order can be changed using MSL Memberships Admin.

25329: Portal Usage report - Login frequency analysis

This report now has a simple frequency analysis which shows you the proportion of your users who have logged in certain numbers of times e.g. 1-5, 6-10, 10-20 and 20+ during the report's time period.

25305: Overall news admin link

The website's admin menu now includes a News Admin link, which allows site admins (or members of any 'news admin' group if you have one) to edit any organisation's news without having to be an admin of that organisation.  People not in the designated admin group can still use this as a shortcut to edit news of any organisation they are an admin of.

24922: Rename & Move Page - preserve widgets and asset links

When pages are renamed or moved, any links in the page content to assets or images are now updated (you can see this in the page version history).  In addition, any widgets on the page are now preserved.

NB: Links to the old page name from any other pages will still break.

24666: Drop down for product customisation options

You can now specify permitted values for product customisation options e.g. a range of colours, sizes etc.  You can choose to limit to the list or allow 'other' responses.

13554: Issue website registration invitation when registering new person

You can now use MSL Memberships Admin to send email invitations to people to register on the website.  This sends them a link which they click on to set their password and validate their account.

You can optionally choose a username, which defaults to your site's scheme e.g. ID number, University username, first part of email address, etc.  You can also specify whether the username can be changed by the recipient.

Invitations can be sent to anyone without an existing account.

22082: Seating plan - error message if tickets not set up

The Seating plan page now checks to see whether the plan is complete i.e. has tables, menu options and tickets set up - if not, the user is asked to try again later.

22411: Skin edit page - CSS file folder name textbox requires explanation

Added some notes to this screen to explain the use of the 'folder name' text box

22430: Browse Jobs styling is all screwy

Fixed a problem with the 'browse jobs' list on some sites in IE.

22788: MSL Navigation Bug (level_1 .. level_n)

Fixed a bug in the Navigation control where the subnavigation appeared in the incorrect order. When using AppendSubNav="true" parameter, the levels now publish in ascending hierarchical order.

23034: Jobs admin duplicates job vacancies

Fixed a problem where duplicate vacancies were created when editing a job that had just been created.

24157: MSL System Error when uploading style sheet

When uploading a stylesheet, the system now checks that the folder (if specified) and the css filename will be valid.

In addition, the 'override system folder' function on Paste CSS Code now works properly.

24928: Browse Jobs - parameter showing though no jobs with that parameter listed

Fixed a problem with the Browse Jobs dropdowns which listed parameters even though there were no jobs with that parameter.

25043: Admin control displays same organisation name multiple times

Fixed so that each organisation is listed once only.

25044: Tweaks to navigation control (ShowSectionNav)

Fixed a bug with the parameter SectionPageName - it now picks up the root page specified.
Added a new parameter StartAtLevel as an alternative to SectionPageName. This lets you specify the root page at a certain level of the hierarchy, rather than as a path. For example StartAtLevel="2" uses the navigation at /rootpage/level1/level2/.

24947: Editor Save button not visible on narrow pages

Changed the display of the Save tab so that it's always visible even on pages with narrow content areas.

25415: Organisation property on page widgets

Many widgets have an Organisation property.  The available organisations appear in a tree control for selection, but the behaviour was inconsistent - if the page was owned by an organisation, only the current user's admin organisations were available even if the user was a site admin.  This meant you sometimes needed to create an arbitrary admin role just so you could edit the page.

In addition, anyone could select any organisation just by typing the name and selecting a match.

Now, the widget editors show all organisations if a site admin is editing the page, regardless of the page's owning organisation.  Non-site admins still only see the organisations that they are admins of.

25418: News widget - Can't 'rotate' entire list

Fixed a bug which meant you had to specify a pin count number even if you wanted the whole news list to be in random order.

25457: Seating plan admin - ticket numbers allocated to guests still show as available

Fixed a problem which caused ticket numbers allocated to non-registered people still appear as available in the seating plan admin screen.


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