Version 6.8.643

A summary of the changes in Version 6.8.643

Release Notes - MembershipSystem: 6.8.643

19858: Protx doesn't accept email addresses with non-alpha characters

One customer pointed out that Protx doesn't accept customer email addresses with non-alphanumeric characters e.g. (this example is used by GMail to help with auto-filtering).  Protx are due to revise this in a future release but when this is is uncertain.

5757: Import card number list to grouping

In the Admin website: Home>Import>Import Membership List.

This allows you to bulk create memberships by uploading files containing lists of card / ID numbers.  These must match existing people in the system.  When uploaded, the list is checked and the people contained on it can then be added to one or more membership groupings - the expiry date of the created memberships can also be specified.

19633: Product catalogue widget

Can be dropped onto any page to display the products in a catalogue.  Replaces the /shop/catalogue/[catalogue name] system page, which was the only previous way to display a catalogue (contact us if you want to use pages starting with /shop/ and you want this page converted to a normal page).

The widget has options to group by product family, sho/hide title, and you can specify text to display if there are no available products.

NB: Only appears in the edit page>widgets screen if you have permission to see the page '/admin/shop/'.

17559: News widget - 'No items' text

The news widget now has a No Items Text property - if specified, this is displayed if there are no articles in the list. 

NB: Existing news widgets will remain the same i.e. without the text - edit the widget to alter the text.  New widgets will have the text set to 'There are no current news articles' by default.

19141: Poll widget

There is now a poll widget available for use on any page. 

This is available to organisation admins, subject to permissions on the /admin/poll/ page. 

Using the widget, you can now have more than one current poll per organisation.  In addition the 'members only' option now works properly, hiding the submit button if the person is not a member of the poll's organisation.

The existing <MSL:Poll > template control will continue to work.

19866: Organisation admin - sales reports

The Organisation Admin menu page now has an icon for Sales Reports.  This lets admins view the sales and purchaser reports for the organisation's memberships and products.  They can choose a date range. The report viewer also lets them export the information to Excel / PDF

You can switch this on or off by setting the appropriate permissions on the page /organisation/salesreports/

20304: Performance improvement

There has been a reduction in the number of calls each page makes to the database, which should have a positive effect on responsiveness.

20327: RSS feed version number problem

Some RSS feeds have the 'version' element incorrectly set to "2" rather than "2.0", which is not valid according to the RSS spec, and causes the RSS widget to not display the feed.  Although the feed itself should be fixed, the RSS widget is now a little more forgiving and will change any "2" version to "2.0".

14467: Unique advertiser name

The Advert Admin pages now check that there are no existing advertisers with the same name, rather than throwing an error.

18333: Referendum admin - case text error

The referendum admin pages are now better at validating entered information and handling errors that occur during updates.

19729: Market Place links still work even if item is not on sale

Expired marketplace items no longer show up if the item's page is linked to directly (e.g. via search engine cache)

19834: 80x200 Profile image not updated correctly

Fixed a problem which meant that the small thumbnail image of people's profile pictures was not regenerated correctly if the image was updated.

19856: events widget event type filter problem

Fixed a problem that made the event list event type filters not work when there were spaces in the comma-separated event type filter list.

20680: Import considers twins with same birthday as duplicates

The import data duplicate matching system has been relaxed slightly so that people with the same last name & DOB but different first names / ID numbers are no longer considered to be duplicates.  This means that twins with the same DOB are registered correctly, even if their first names are very similar.


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