Version 6.81.735

This is a summary of the changes in version 6.81.735, due for release on Wednesday 17 June. This release contains the page loading code improvements as detailed in this article, as well as a number of other fixes.

This is a summary of the changes in version 6.81.735, due for release on Wednesday 17 June.

This release contains the page loading code improvements as detailed in this article, as well as a number of other fixes.

9127: Sitemap improvements

The sitemap page is now sorted in alphabetical order, using sitemap title rather than page name. 

In addition, pages whose parent page is not accessible to the current user / not visible in the sitemap were previously added to the sitemap at the same level as the root page.  These pages now appear as expected below their parent page (the parent page is forced to appear in the sitemap in these cases).

24368: Allow form pages to come from user-specified address

If a form element named 'FromEmailAddress' is included in a form page and the person filling out the form provides a valid email address, the form response email will come from that address instead of the default address specified on the page properties.

24837: Page loading code improvements

Alterations to the way the site keeps the list of its pages in memory has resulted in speed improvements.  See this article for more details.

6884: Uploaded photo is not resized correctly

Fixed a problem where photos uploaded using the 'classic' uploader were not resized correctly.

7160: Error message when renaming a page

Now checks for deleted pages that have the new name, and displays appropriate message

Renaming a page to be blank no longer causes an error to occur, a warning that this is not allowed is displayed.

7205: Error message when adding new forum topic / post

The 'New Topic' link was displayed even for people who didn't have permission to post to the forum, and this caused an error when this was attempted.  The link is now not shown when the permission is not present.

14076: Error message when creating new forum

Fixed a problem that caused an error when a forum with a blank description was added.

14366: Can't remove phone number if it's linked to a marketplace item

Fixed a problem which meant people couldn't delete any phone numbers which had ever been used for the marketplace item listing.

19097: 404 takes forever to load

This has been fixed due to the improvements in the page loading code.

24008: Survey response option shouldn't allow blank option text

Fixed a bug that allowed response options to be added with no text by adding validation to the edit question options screen.

24012: Report Server Link

Fixed the Report Server link on the home page of the Admin website

23215: RSS widget does not read ATOM feeds

Fixed a problem which was preventing the RSS widget from reading ATOM feeds.

24337: 'Scrape' tool doesn't check page permissions

The 'Scrape' tool did not check that the user had permissions to create a page at the specified location, so any user with access to the Scrape tool could create a page anywhere in the site.  This only applied if non-admin users had been given permission to the /admin/website page - but the Scrape tool now checks page permissions regardless.

24216: Usability Tweaks - Please make all MSL lists and drop downs alphabetical (Like in POS Admin)

Fixed the organisations admin list and the Photo Gallery organisation list so that they are displayed in alphabetical order.

23672: Error message while adding employer admin

Fixed a problem which caused an error message when adding an admin to a newly created job employer.

24510: Jobs admin - error message when clicking parameter filter

Fixed the problem that caused this - only applied when there were no parameters set up.

24339: 'Allow non-members to read' on news articles doesn't work

Unchecking the 'allow non-members to read' checkbox removed the article from news lists and rss feeds but did not prevent direct access to the article (e.g. if the article's URL was published elsewhere). 
Now, if an article is restricted to members only, non-logged in users are prompted to login, and logged in non-members will be refused access.

24340: Page up / down doesn't work on people list on search page

The up/down page buttons now work correctly when going through the list of people search results.


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