A complete door entry and event management system

Venue & Door Entry

A complete door entry and event management system

MSL Venues & Door Entry is designed to support your event marketing and venue management, improve door entry speed, provide customer analysis, lower transaction costs and give the best experience to your student members.

MSL Venues & Door Entry includes and extends the Events features of the Core Module.

  • Multi-venue management Run and report on door entry concurrently at any number of venues with any number of entry points.
  • Ticketless entrySimply scan a user's University Card to see their tickets, guest list status and eligibility to purchase.
  • Attendance Reporting Demographic breakdowns for attendee groups; identify your repeat customers using attendance frequency reporting.
  • Ticket printingIf physical tickets are preferred a ticket printer can be linked to the physical POS for sales and collections.
  • Guest List Link any membership group in your system (e.g. staff, social secretaries, voters) as a timed or unlimited free entry group for an event.
  • Wristbands and Season Passes Link a single ticket to multiple events, to give a user access to any number of events with a single swipe of their card.

"We were able to monitor everything from our end and had well over 2000 people on the website, processing payments and all able to view our Summer Ball event details without issue. Thanks for the amazing support!"

Lewis Akeroyd, Web Developer & IT Support, University of Plymouth Students' Union

  • Seating Plan Capture meal choices and seating preferences for balls and dinners.
  • PPL Calculation Capacity monitoring can automatically calculate your PPL Licence Fees.
  • Automated reporting Have last night's numbers in your inbox first thing in the morning with report subscriptions.