How to create news articles and add them to your organisation page.


How to create news articles and add them to your organisation page.

By default, your homepage will include a news widget. This will be blank until you add some news articles.

There are many built in features that let you control what news is published and how it is displayed; for example you can delay publication of a story to a future date, restrict viewing of certain articles to members only, link a story to another page (e.g. a sign up or buy tickets page), and allow users to comment on news articles.

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Add a news article

News Admin is found on the Admin tools page provided you have that permission for that organisation.

Alternatively navigate to your homepage (or whichever page your news will appear on) and click on 'Edit news' in the main text.

Click on 'Add New Article' and complete the form:

Standard Details


The article title - your website site can be configured to set a maximum length for news titles - the default is 100 characters but it can be set to anything up to 200. Please contact the MSL helpdesk if you'd like this amending.


Byline credits the writer of an article. If you don't want byline to appear, leave this field blank.


One or two-lines of introductory text to act as a 'hook'

Allow non-members to read

If checked, the article will only appear in the article list for members

Date Range

Display article

The dates between which the article is visible on the site. Make sure this starts from today's date if you want it to be visible immediately. If the start date is in the future, the article will automatically become live when that date is reached.  

Show in archive

If this is not ticked the article will automatically de-publish at the end of the display period specified.


Allow comments

If checked, a comments box is included on the article page, and any user comments appear below the article text. This is very useful to get feedback from your members.

Enable sharing

Enables any Share Content widgets that are present on the article's page. If you would like users to be able to share your news article, you will need to add a Share Content widget to /news/article/ and add options (i.e. Tweet, Facebook Like)

Enable ratings

Lets users rate the article


Specify tags - either one per line or comma separated. These tags can then be used in a news list widget to only display articles tagged as 'X'


Upload an image in format gif, jpg or png and specify a cropping style. Images are displayed in 5x4 aspect ratio. Select how you would like your thumbnail to appear if it is not in 5x4 format.

Alt text

If the image is essential to the understanding of the text, add an alternative description for users who cannot view images.
Image caption

Add an image caption


Add the body of your article here. There is no word limit and you can add, text, images or rich media (flash, video) to enhance your article.


This will direct your article title to a specified page. Use only if you are leaving the 'body' field blank.


Leave this checked to publish straight away. To save the news article as a draft, uncheck the box until you are ready to publish.

Saving your article will take you back to the news admin page.

Your article is now showing in the news list and has been published to live. A new page is automatically created for each article you publish.

Now you have added some news items, navigate back to your homepage - you should see the news widget displaying the title, leader, and image for each of the articles you just added. Clicking on the title of the article takes users to the full text of the news article:

Try to write several news articles before moving on to styling your news list, as this makes it much easier to see how the list will fit on your pages.

Style your news list

From your homepage click the 'Edit page' shortcut in the control panel (if you have Edit website pages permissions).

To style your news list you need to edit the news widget, so click on the widgets tab in the WYSIWYG editor.

Under 'current widgets' you can see a list of all widgets available to your homepage. Click on the edit icon next to { news }. From here, you can edit the display properties of the news list widget, such as title, number of items to display, size of image, and display order. Use the preview tab to view what the layout will look like before saving (as saving publishes this layout to live).

Add a news widget to other pages

By using the news widget you can add news lists to any page on your site. You can also use combinations to style the news content in different ways,  for instance you could have just news headlines on your homepage and full news including pictures and leaders on a news sub-page.

To create a news widget for use on a page use the news list widget under the widgets tab.

For instructions on to how to create and add widgets to your pages take a look at the Widgets - Quickstart support page.

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